30 July 2014

Oakland, Eh?

Competing with the sharks would have been interesting had the Seals franchise remained. However it is very likely the Sharks existence is thanks in part to the lack of a team in the Bay Area market for most of approximately twenty years.I bet the San Jose color scheme was a modified play on the area's first team. gold to orange and green to teal and blue to black (based on hues).

This was a concept that I had prepared for a succeeding round of the HJC Open, which I did not advance. This team in my division has it's ups and downs when it comes to branding, and I wanted to see what would happen if two things had occurred. First is that Chuck O. Finley owned a team. Second  is that the team were named the A's rather than the Seals. Now the black alternate crest and the elephant on a  ball shoulder patch would need to be "hockey-fied" if you will to fit the sport. But this could pass, of course Charlie would want to have the players wearing white skates still.

No matter, he is not an NHL owner anymore (thank goodness for that). Imagine if the NHL had Bill Veeck type character, well . . . let's not. Harold Ballard somewhat fills that role, but in a different capacity. Let's leave all these gentlemen be and call it a day.


26 July 2014

Sharks on the Water

That twelve note riff to the Deep Purple classic could work just as well as the Theme from Jaws but either would also be a good way to start a related post about Jake88's San Jose concepts.

Here, I'm a little disappointed about the lack of orange in the concept. White as a base color is not enough to brighten up a jersey. Most of the time, I like when dark colored jerseys have at least vibrant color on them but at the same time I don't want it over done either. Even if it is just an accent color, I wouldn't be afraid to slap it on somewhere. It's not orange for orange sake, but rather as a nice accent that compliments the rest of the jersey.

Another concept from Jake down. Now it's time for me to be the (for now) one day president of the Buffalo division of Arsenal America. This is just while the actual co-presidents and other members are in New Jersey to watch Arsenal play New York Red Bull at our regular meting place, Mes Que on Hertel Avenue next to the famous North Park Theater. I would've wen't except I am planning two trips (next month and Columbus Day weekend). Fear not I'll still have content here seeing as it will be near time to announce logo hall of fame inductions nominees. Until next time!


24 July 2014

We Have a Winner

As I have been saddened by the departure of my former boss at the school I'm no longer attending, I have discovered that one of his last acts completed was picking one of my championship shirt designs. The camouflage one as promised would be for football only. The winner, however, is featured below. You may remember seeing it here a while ago.

At least he is going somewhere that is a place where I wouldn't mind going to travel to: Stony Brook University on Long Island. It seems as though while it is probably one of my more simple designs of these shirts, it has one of the strongest messages. This is a rare time where words speak louder than actions.


23 July 2014

Love Stings

Today's concept from Jake88 is one from the German leagues of soccer. In his pursuit of FIFA 14 playing, he developed a fascination for this team's crest logo. Now that they've been relegated, he cannot play as them in at least the next edition since the video game only features the first two tiers of Germany's "elite" teams.

The one thing of note is that Dresden are under kit contract with Nike, which Jake felt needed to change in order to make a nationalistic sense of duty - Adidas being German-based.The team finished in the relegation of the 2 Bundesliga, which also has been noted here. I don't know if I agree with the vertical stripe choice, though I've been explained it's origins. I would feel that the tri-stripe should be continued in it's place. While it strangely feels awful, the clash kit I think is a perfect way to contrast the primary by using hoops. My only criticism would be to maybe thicken them slightly.

Carry on, folks. There is more from Jake to come. Enjoy this work for the time being.


20 July 2014

A Star is Born

Okay, so I'm an off-season late with the title for the unveiling of the new logo and scheme. But one thing I wanted to see back was the old striping pattern from their Stanley Cup Finals days. Here I figured that we could modernize it a bit and still maybe pull it off.

I had to do extra work to make the template look realistic enough. Then that was followed by using the number font of the MLB's Washington Nationals to help out the metallic part. This is a roundel that I wanted to avoid, but was in desperate need of a shoulder patch and the third jersey crest above is not the same as its predecessor.

I had a lot fun trying to put this together. I loved it so much, I wanted to try it in gold to resurrect the unused set from last decade. Well we can't do everything, can we?


17 July 2014

Crickets in Grandma's Yard

I saw plenty while mowing her lawn yesterday, but I'm talking cricket in the footy yard. I know very little about the sport, but just enough to go by. I have a new template for the tab of the same name. This template comes for a well known forum Big Footy - It is the Chris Creamer Sports Logo Community on the Australian Continent.

Well, this would be an easy series to do. There are (to my knowledge) only nine nations that participate in test matches in association with the International Cricket Council (ICC). I think they have some of the best uniforms in sport, in present times anyway. Maybe you'll give them a go too


16 July 2014

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet

Hawai'ian is back in my jersey mind at the moment, which is why I think that bringing back the first version of my Ducks jersey is a good place to  demonstrate. Remember the Rubric from yesterday? I'll walk you through it with the aforementioned concept (but for demonstration sake, suppose it isn't mine and that I'm another HJC writer or something).

Let's start with appeal, since it is broken down. While it isn't a traditional roundel, it still is one, docking points for the crest. The font is matching to the team identity, but the outlines could look better. There is some uneven color distribution, but is anticipated as an out of the box idea. We forgo equipment as there isn't any and even though it may appear to hurt the concept, Hawai'ian shirts don't have stripes on them, so why should this jersey thus is also not considered.

Now that we've established an appeal score, let's go to the full rubric. Full points for originality, I have never seen a Hawai'ian jersey attempted in hockey (not that it hasn't been done necessarily). But we've run into some execution errors as there are lose pixels around the collar insert on the jersey, the jersey body design has off-colored pixels, and the shoulder patches should be further down the yoke - thus three deductions. Presentation is simple but somewhat disorganized, wouldn't mind seeing a light background image. As for color, the team colors are used fairly well, I think more orange would help, but it is already potentially there in the outline just not in an appropriate fashion. Distribution says that the concept is light, not at all over powering, but your eyes keep wanting to move around the Hawai'ian theme - I'll give it a perfect.

So given all of this critique, we have a final score of  86%. Keep in mind, originality was the big reason why the jersey got such a high rating as it would be a 72% if originality were not included at all which may seem more realistic. That's a whole 14% difference. By the way, the rubric doesn't lie. Matter of fact, while I thought I was being generous rating concepts when I was writing for HJC,  I was actually one of the more harsh if not the harshest judge (I'd put my money on the former if I had to guess). But I also would have written the above score as 8.5 out of 10 (special rounding) or likewise a 7 out of 10. I hope you've been enlightened the past couple days with my criteria regardless whether or not you agree.


15 July 2014

A Venture Into the BNG Uknown

Remember when I was a regular writer for about a half year over at HJC? Well a lot of people were curious as to what made up my grading rubric. I am disclosing some of the information. I will not however, for debate purposes, discuss the point breakdown of the system. I will describe in detail the original rubric. Originality was weighted heavier than the other categories and appeal was graded based on it's own rubric and per jersey. And somehow, all of these components totaled a 100%.

*Max. three alternates
**Color refers to utilization of colors in the rubric or the lack thereof
but flat out appeal in the appeal rubric

Then as I left HJC for HCI, I began the Ricky Points System (RPS) - a separate evalutaion method but also in conjunction with thte rubric. My description of the RPS on HCI was as follows:
Before I go, it's time to do something that I forgot to tell you about with the chaos of exams and whatnot. The Ricky Points System (RPS) has arrived! {applause, please} Glad it didn't show up yet, because I made changes appropriately to make it more suitable. The criteria are as follows:
  • 10 - Receives a perfect score from the old rubric. (it's really hard to do, that's why it 's worth so much)
  • 4 - Hand-drawn/heavily genetically altered work (of premium quality, not low grade)
  • 2 - "Ricky-esque" in design (not that I like concepts that look like mine - I'm pretty tacky with my wardrobe after all); out of the box
  • 1 - Personal preference

* * * Negative points will be added as the converse of the above {except 2 point rating which is replaced with unoriginality and 4 point rating which is poor in electronic graphic quality only}. However, you cannot be in the negative or at zero upon receiving negative points. Contest winners are subject to points (6,7,8 - cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude) if they reach a minimum on the rubric - provided I have not yet surveyed that concept. * * *
That was my criteria for nominating concepts for HJC and HCI concepts of the week at their respective sites. Though, I admit, I haven't been following up as regularly as I'd like since sometime in February. Not completely keeping up means not using the rubric or the RPS. Seem complicated - well, yes and no. But it really doesn't matter. Tomorrow will feature an example.


14 July 2014

The Bruckheimer Strikes Back

While he has not made any indications since Gretzky's announcement to get a Seattle team, Jerry Bruckheimer still has interest in bringing a team to Las Vegas. Do you remember the contest HJC had three years ago to create a new NHL franchise? Las Vegas was chosen in phase one as the location, Vipers were chosen as the nickname, and Tom Vopni's logo design was chosen as the winner and the uniform winner was Martin Laumeyer. My nickname was on the ballot in the second phase - The Saguaros (then purposefully spelled wrong as Seguarros). Over the years, I have come to a conclusion to Change the spelling to it's proper name as it "looks classier" in my opinion.Quite honestly, I'm surprised nobody else came up with a cactus logo inspired team. I didn't even get the idea from the Coyotes' infamous desertscape - which is a new feature on a brand new alternate in this concept. The idea actually spawned off of two things, only having access to MS paint in a country that is only 10% computer literate while I was on vacation and the first thing I thought of that was southwestern was a sombrero on a cactus (maybe it was my experiences at the local Ponderosa Steakhouse) and I was having none of the sombrero.

Generally, the non-jersey components follow the guidelines of the matching ones for the other jerseys. As I made mention of, the desertscape was new. I felt the Reebok curved arms went along with it best. Of course, the midday sun logo was included as a shoulder patch. And that sums it up fairly nicely.


11 July 2014

The Rene, The Rick, and the Perrault

First off, today is an important day in basketball as LeBron James has his (long awaited) return to Cleveland. I said he would before the end of his prime when nobody believed me, yet here we are. Secondly, today is French Connection Day for Sabres fans. 11 July 14 - the numbers of Rick Martin (7), Gil Perreault (11), and Rene Robert (14). For those not familiar with this famous line in hockey. Perreault was retired first then the others joined in unusual fashion: Perreault's number was lowered then re-raised alongside his line mates and the line itself was "retired" together. Since The French Connection banners and Tim Horton's #2, only two banners (Danny Gare (18) and Pat LaFontaine (16) were both retired during the 2005/06 season. Now this coming season, Doiminik Hasek's 39 will be raised in November.

In other news, John Gibson's new Pac-Man maske has been revealed to the general public throughthe Duck's Facebook page. Favorite site to visit of mine, Daveart has been one of if not the most popular designer who creates goalie masks. Most notably, he has done every single one of Henrik Lundqvist's over these years. and most if not all Ducks goalies (minors and Anaheim). At least half of his work is very fascinating to me, not that some others are bad. There are very few that don't particularly interest me in some fashion. But there's usually something for everyone's taste.

10 July 2014

Kesler Motors

This is fantastic! That is all. First exposure on BNG for the new road whites for the Ducks.

"Light that baby up," "just another Halo victory!"


07 July 2014

The Spirit of Cazaly

Sorry if I'm island hopping between series here. it's been a crazy start to the week so far and we're somewhat getting off schedule with either one series or the other. Hopefully you'll be able to keep up as we're trying to.

Nothing really special here, just the reverse of the primary kit. Unfortunately, not too much I could think of at the time. I saw one of the Canadian league AFL teams replaced the Sydney Opera House with a maple leaf. It makes the logo even better! Now if that were on here, maybe I'd have more to talk about . . . A man can only dream.


06 July 2014

Up There For Sydney

Sydney was both difficult and easy at the same time. How to arrange the red and white was a challenge even with this set-up. This is so bland a concept, I don't have very much to say about it.

The idea may not be the best, but the Ducks/Isles striping closely matched the angles of the logo. And for abstract artists, could resemble the Sydney Opera House somehow. These are the same arms used for Carlton, but it's tought working with a team that only has two colors. Though Freo technically is in that list, I can "bring back" the green and red, but only as accent colors really. You shouldn't be surprised by the clash jersey, but it might look better.


05 July 2014

Skaters in the Storm

Welcome to BNG, boys and girls; today, it's Carolina style. The big news between posts was that "The Great One" Wayne Gretzky is heading a bid to land an NHL team in Seattle. Whether that will happen, I don't know. Maybe it will push Jerry Bruckheimer to get his Las Vegas team.

This one was kinda fun, but it seemed like a "dark concept" for some reason. I added the "'Canes" script and oh my gosh, the logo looks a hundred times better! The logo on it's own was terrible and I didn't even know the font was stylized as it was. The flag warning is back and the alternate logo becomes the primary.


04 July 2014

Holy Hermes, Batman!

To my fellow American readers, Happy Independence Day! To all else, don't feel left out. Because today, there is a concept for all to see. And it's from regular contributor Jake88. Because it's a holiday for anyone, I'll make it short and sweet.

For jerseys, the bolt and stripe along the sleeves are overpowering for me, maybe something a little more simple would suffice. In this case, the sublimated bolt behind the crest isn't preferred, but at least it doesn't take much away.


03 July 2014

Flaming Arrows, Not Flaming Swords

There's that madness thing at HCI's Instagram that I've been giving a go . . . and I fixed up a Sabres one and made a Calgary one for tomorrow.

The only major thing is the removal of silver from the alternate. Other than that, it is essentially identical to the previous. The Boston one for yesterday is the one from the untouchables concept for HJC last year. As for that, it is the only one scheduled not to use more than two jerseys and not to have a road white (but rather a road yellow).

Calgary, meanwhile, had another design from a few months ago scrapped. I started over and got the above. The new alternate logo by the Flames is the best thing in the history of the teams' tenure in Calgary. I know that roundels aren't "in" in the hockey community, but they are one of a small list of teams that need something right going for them. The logo that currently serves as the primary, well it's simply boring and uninspired. The alternate logo they had in the 90s was creepy at times but still better than the main logo. Finally they got a logo right and I wanted to make it work. Between the Avalanche logo and the Flames logo, they stink quite honestly (imo). While the Avs at least is more realistic (better than their awful alternate logo), the Flames one is just plain dull. A "C" with Flames - that's all they could come up with after they moved from Atlanta?! The logo seemed rushed by designers and then it just hasn't gone away. The yellow cut on the alternate is resemblant of the ears while the red slits on the sleeves are the flaming nostrils. The alternate is quite literally revolved around the crest logo. Carolina will be up here soon (first thing Saturday).


02 July 2014

Denes Nad Makedonija

Jake has made several public mentions (to me anyway) about how much he loves Macedonian logo elements. It is important for me to recognize that the FFM has put in a bid to host the 2020 EURO Championships. Also, the 2016 EURO qualification schedule was released just 9 days ago in which Macedonia has drawn Spain, Belarus, Luxembourg, Slovakia, and Ukraine in Group C. Spain met the Crveno ┼Żolti in Skopje previously in 2009. begin transmssion {{On 12 August, Macedonia played a friendly match at the expanded Philip II Arena in Skopje against the current European champions Spain, as part of the 100-years anniversary of football in Macedonia.The match ended with Spain coming back from two goals down to win 3-2 in front of a record crowd of 30,000.[2]}} end transmission

The reverse chevron on the home uniform I don't know if I care for, but we definitely got the shoulder, pants, and sock striping right. Those sun rays are very powerful.  The sublimation looks cool, but it reminds me of Greece and would start an international scandal, given the current state of the naming dispute (because of Macedonian minority in Greece and their nationalistic pride in not recognizing minorities).

     Association crest

Above, shows the old and new Fudbalska Federacija na Makedonija (Macedonian Football Federation) logos. The new version launched this year on March 22. It is my first time seeing this new logo. I dislike more than I like. No matter, these are the crests that should be used for the national soccer teams (depending on the historical-ness of the jersey elements). But I like Jake's idea, using a lion (or lynx) in the emblem.


01 July 2014

The Nitty-Gritty of the Quack City

Welcome to BNG boys and girls, Ricky here once again to get your fill for the day. To our neighborly Canadian readers, Happy Canada Day! (The New) HCI is hosting the "July Concept Challenge" by posting concept entries by different artists of each NHL team , one team per day. Some jerseys that I will submit will be new and others will be ones that have been already displayed here at least. Since the Ducks are first and promoted their alternate to primary, with minor changes, i though that wouldn't be a bad place to start So I could fix the minor things.

With this concept, I intended to simplify the jersey striping from what it currently is and replace the void that the Alternate turned home jersey created. I like the striping on the current jerseys but I was curious what they could possibly look like with less stripes. It makes no sense to use (what I call) faux laces on the new jersey combo, so they've been replaced with real laces. I also combined the need for an orange jersey (say most fans) and my use of the alternate roundel and OC logos. I felt the need to further emphasize that Ryan Kesler is now with the Ducks for those who still can't grasp that  idea. This is also the first time I've legitimately used one of the fractal features on Paint.Net and I got them to kind of look like palm trees and a sunrise/sunset sky. Speaking of, the weather here has been fairly nice - hope it is by you, too


P.S. - Maryland is (officially) a member of the B1G Ten Conference!

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