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Ricky's Templates:
4 Man Bobsled

2014 NLL Reebok/Projoy Template (add-ons by request)

Quidditch (BNG re-draw)

Formula 1/Stock Car Template (BNG original)

Team Monorail (Template-BNG Original)
A standard USB Flash Drive (this one is 8GB)

Based on Chris Creamer's ice rink layout.
Based on Chris Creamer's ice rink layout.

Tricolor zubaz template.

Bi-color zubaz template
Argyle pattern
Hockey Boards

Trading Card 1

Trading Card 2

Other Template Resources:

Basketball template.

Originally from Paint User's Paradise 2.0 at CCSLC, recolored for Paint.Net users.

Reebok Template (Variation)

Gamewear (Classic Stitching)  by Ryan (HockeyJerseyConcepts.com)

Gamewear (Sleeve Stitching) by Ryan (HockeyJerseyConcepts.com)

OHL template

Yakball template (by Jake88), it was altered by me to be PDN friendly.

Team Plane Windows and Doors (to be re-pasted)

Team Plane Tail (to be re-pasted)

Team Bus Template

Ice Rink Layout (courtesy of Chris Creamer)

Courtesy of Michael J. Rudolf

Basketball court
*Green for wordmark and ads
*Pink to show back end of boundary (should be cropped off when concept completed)

Original (with red bars) courtesy of www.goaliestore.com

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