26 November 2015

(Not Another) Logo Induction

Thanksgiving once again is upon us in the US, which means at BNG that the Logo Hall of Fame announces its ten inductees. As you may recall, last year almost saw nine entries as a near tie would have promoted such a decision. That was not quite the case this year.

As noted, the new BNG logo is present with the diamond pattern from our design sheet behind the logos, while keeping the roundness of the top both to compliment the logo and to keep the "nickel" ripple shape in the background. Any you've never seen or forgotten about for a long time? Glad to jog your memory. All else, glad to introduce them!


24 November 2015

The Duck Pond Rides Again!

I've been meaning to use the generic MLS Adidas template I made but it just never happened at a convenient time and several projects crashed. This one, however, didn't. The only thing I can say about the featured team's principal sponsor at their home venue is that I haven't driven or rode in any of the current company's vehicles and I've never consumed a  product from the previous company. Of course I'm talking about the building on Katella Avenue in Anaheim. The then Arrowhead Pond was probably the most unique name for a sporting venue as it didn't use a traditional suffix (arena, stadium, etc...) in it's official name, that is until Honda bought the naming rights and the Pond (as still affectionately know today) became a Center. This facility became the inspiration for the away kit of the following concept.

Without knowing the history of the team, this may not make sense. It is not uncommon nor common that hockey teams are given uniforms in other sports in design only. But has most of the hockey elements still intact fused with soccer (MLS-specific in this instance) elements.The star above the logo is their Stanley Cup win from 2006-07. The diagonal stripe pattern is based on the original uniforms but with current colors. The current MLS numbers and font were actually a fluke as I was using them to test font size and decided that it fit the logos I used nicely. The customized three stripes along the shorts and shoulders are the renown (for good or bad) brand identity of Adidas (which may soon hold both NBA and NHL jersey manufacturing rights). The 1993 below the back collar is the first year of play for the team 1993-94 and the bottom half of the white jersey we've discussed.

I'm glad my first one us out of the way. The white was challenging to add something to the breastplate in which I first thought of sublimation, which failed miserably as I only had one idea for it that didn't work at all. Second was to find a way to make gold be prominent without making it the color of the jersey - I had nothing for that. Then we arrived at the current solution. SO with that, the first concept in a while. Hopefully we'll have a quick turnaround with another appearing here very soon.


14 November 2015

Comment Ça Va?

Not knowing how bad the situation may get, I bet there will be many people even in the sports world who will be reflecting on yesterdays events. We send blessings and condolences to those affected from those circumstances.


11 November 2015

Solemn Thoughts

We all know what today is...

...Thus we won't say more other than thank you to all who have risked their lives for us.


09 November 2015

The Rise of the Desert Dog from the Dead

As you may be aware, the Arizona Coyotes don't have an alternate jersey anymore while adding black to their set. I like that addition but it is not at full potential. The team is nearing it's 20th season in the desert and might be saving the alternate as an anniversary jersey. Given that, I tried to do the unthinkable.

Granted, the sand as a road jersey could be tricky and a little plain looking compared to its home counterpart. As for the "acid trip" ("desert dog") jersey, it could be transitioned well by using the black in place of green but the original could rear its head out too. As for the choice of primary logo, I feel the full body logo is more suitable for being the crest option. The numbers that have been used for the new jerseys are better than the old, but I don't currently have those, so I took the letters from the Thrashers and the numbers from Seattle's MLB team. I'd love to chat more, but class is in ten minutes. Here's something to consider though, what if the green (or even the purple) come back?

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