Who we are & What we do
Buffalo Nickel Graphics (BNG) began as an idea that non-hockey concepts needed a space to be displayed for (primarily but not limited to) a North American audience. Created on 5 May 2015, Ricky Mazella had a vision to create a site to help channel jersey creations. As far as how it compares, it is (based on longevity and hockey) one the double-A of hockey concept sites, behind Hockey Jersey Concepts (AAA) and Icethetics ("the big time").

The brand
In 2015, ahead of third anniversary celebrations, the blog got a facelift in which Ricky drew a new logo for the sake of uniqueness while retaining the blue and yellow colors. In addition, the alternate logo was flexible for holiday and commemorative purposes. In addition, Ricky finally brought on an additional staff member to write for the blog. Every year and a half, concepts that come from Ricky include a BNG specific uniform sheet which features a version of the alternate logo with his signature in it.

Submissions Criteria
Ideally, submissions should be in .png or .jpg for quality assurance. Size shouldn't bee too large, 750-1250px (for square submissions; 600-1200px by 900-1500px wide or tall). Most importantly, put your name/alias or logo on it - we want you to be recognized! Remember, these are only suggestions that are highly recommended. Submissions should be mailed to bngraphics2012@aol.com with both your real name and your preferred name (eg: Norman Allezam, Norm; or Norman Allezam, Alamo13; or Norman Allezam, Mission Designs)

As for the future...
I've seen it best described this way (though the speaker is referring to his site).

"I could talk about my big plans for weeks without stopping. There's so much I'd like to do. But at this moment, it doesn't pay the bills. So my real-life existence — work and home — limit to some extent how much time I can spend in cyberspace. Just know that as long as I'm able, I'll always be doing my best to improve Icethetics. And if you ever have an idea for an awesome new feature, drop me a line!"
-Chris Smith, Icethetics

You are more than welcome to ask questions about it further, but at the moment, there are only a couple big ones. The current objective is to turn BNG into a physical entity. A place of business for sport uniforms and other assorted memorabilia. To enhance that, a customized bookmobile is to be in the works courtesy of profits from jersey sales once given a budget to work with. The other is to possibly to set up a museum for (at least) our Third Jersey Hall of Fame. And voila, there you have it!

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