11 April 2013

Armor is Pride?

This is the winner, a Springfield Armor inspired shirt.

Altered of course, it was even altered further by the higher ups.


10 April 2013

Pride Still not Patriots

This came from an alternate used by New England.

This one at least took up some more space.


09 April 2013

Pride of Lions Alright

Instead of the liver bird, I stuck an old fashioned Detroit Lion in the logo.

Better, but not worth it apparently.


08 April 2013

Pride not Talons

This Falcons style features a claw instead.

A little more reserved, but still not quite there.


07 April 2013

Pride not Red Sox

This Red Sox idea also spawned from the previously issued Boston Bruins and Celtics themed shirts.

It would've been a novel idea to do more with this one.


06 April 2013

Pride not Patriots

This one was a Patriots inspired shirt that didn't see the light of day.

This one may have been too bland.


05 April 2013

Pride not Liver Brids

Here you have a Liverpool FC inspired shirt having been recently bought by the Red Sox ownership group.

This one went to the wayside like the rest.


04 April 2013

Pride not Falcons

This was one of two Springfield Falcons themed shirts.

It was also voided.


03 April 2013

Springfield Intramural Shirts

Today begins what I started for this semester in December. It is for my boss to give to our intramural champions in each sport. Only one of the next several day's designs would be chosen and will be displayed last.

This was a popular suggestion - camouflage. I liked the idea, even though paintball club used it for themselves (I think). All in all, this wasn't selected.


02 April 2013

Third Look at the Brisbane Demons

Brisbane (for now) finally found the look they are going for. Upon the start of the 2006 campaign, two years removed from their second of two flags and three out of the last four Grand Finals,  Brisbane saw themselves as heirs to the premiership only to lose in the Grand Final.


The only dramatic changes to the jumpers focus on the removal of the old logo due to replacement. still not quite the same as the last set.


01 April 2013

Second Look at the Brisbane Demons

The Dees have not been doing well since their merger and as a result wanted to change their image. The below was the result.


The "wide v" has been replaced with a single "narrow v" in accordance with the logo change.

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