19 September 2016

Nice Ice, Baby

So we have a decision. I notice that this is half an hour earlier than normal, but I have breaking news from half an hour ago. This morning, KeyBank Center announced that the design at center ice has been approved, though the ice has yet to be painted via their other pictures on their Twitter handle.

As you've seen here, I put my ideal designs as to what it should look like. This was despite knowing the placement of the old "First Niagara Center" script being in the same spot that the above is and also that the Sabres primary logo would remain. The diamond pattern in the center line has shrunk and the Key Bank key is between it's parent and "Center" which is the only incorrect prediction that was made. This of course referring to the key going after the entire script (after "Center"). Let's look at the knock-offs I put together one more time.

Now that we've established this, we just have to wait for the paint to dry. In any case the Key Bank process is relatively complete and we now have zero evidence of First Niagara at the arena, despite the transition not being finalize until October 10 at individual bank branches, the ones not sold to Northwest Savings Bank that is. No matter, don't be surprised if the name changes once more in ten years, but Key Bank is as big as HSBC was in it's heyday. And with this investment, it may impact what happens with Key Arena in Seattle - which by the way is without a major tenant not named the WNBA's Seattle Storm. For now, a bientot.


13 September 2016

"Here's to Old Niagara"

For the sake of adding school pride attire, the below was purchased. As of last week I became remember of the sport management master's program at Niagara University. In addition I happen to hold out a couple of weeks which wand up leading to a good thing as the below item happen to be on sale something like 10 or 15 percent. While it isn't the team's current uniform it serves its purpose considering this is being sold not by athletics but the school bookstore instead.

Courtesy of: Niagara Athletics

What's interesting is how similar this particular design looks compared to the final Anaheim alternate in the Mighty Ducks era. It is of note that the academic and not athletic department logo is used for the shoulder patches. The only thing that would have made this that much nicer is the New York Rangers style yoke but of course in school colors that's on the home white jersey. But no matter still a solid article of jersey.


10 September 2016

Voodoo Hoodoo in Vancou[vou]

I have been wanting to get in a new fantasy hockey league since the previous one has been inactive for two years. I had to have a team, but wanted to save the Foxes Brand I'd been building up for a later time. so I went to RHI for a moniker. I wanted to stay away from the Buffalo Teams and I had just used the AFL's Anaheim Piranhas for football (which meant RHI's Bullfrogs were out). That left San Jose's Rhinos or the Vipers of St. Louis with Vancouver. You can see the below decision.

Jersey quirks here and there, but I figured "chump league, need for jersey sponsor" was in order. Just for me. Nobody else is being required to do this nor are they likely going to except maybe a couple other participants. But if that wasn't enough, I had to do the rink and surrounding dashers to make thing entertaining.
I decided rather than apply the currently pre-existing sponsors, we should make it more authentic. Sure enough, I can guarantee this looks nothing like the actual thing. But I had to start somewhere.
How about having a night time skate? Problem solved. Glow in the dark ice paint, though used more often in curling is a viable option as the Nashville Predators recently showcased. But here, we do instead.
This seating chart below actually isn't really different from the original copy, except I made it more generic (removing Vancouver Giants wording) and added pricing to corresponding seating.
That folks is a wrap. I've made amusement of this for enough time that it can just be left here for experiential purposes. Toodles.

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