29 December 2014

2015 NLL Power Rankings: Pre-Season

NLL Preseason Rankings and Picks:
1. Calgary
2. Rochester
3. Buffalo
4. Edmonton
5. Toronto
6. Colorado
7. Vancouver
8. Minnesota
9. New England

Regular Season Champs:
West - Calgary; East - Buffalo
(Buffalo, Toronto, Rochester, Minnesota, New England; Calgary, Edmonton, Colorado, Vancouver)
Division Champs:
West - Calgary; East - Toronto
(Colorado def. Edmonton def. by Calgary; Rochester def. by Toronto def. Buffalo)
Champions Cup winner: Calgary


16 December 2014


Get ready to welcome a new jersey member to the closet! The bruised banana is (finally) becoming part of the family. It is expected between Christmas Eve and Epiphany Eve {5 January 2015}. It appears that it will indeed be a Christmas present to myself. For the record, if you have some sort of jersey collection, I recommend that you have them insured.

"Why should I insure jerseys," you may ask. Well many of them are certainly not cheap, so if anything should happen to them [knock on wood], then they will be covered and you would kind of have a form of compensation for them. I still haven't been able to, but it is planned. Just a word for the wise. I'll be back before you know it.


10 December 2014

MLS Template Ahoy!

I finally found a template good for MLS use. I toned it down from the version on the Chicago Fire's design contest page.

A Rev's kit is on it's way. All three will be ready to round out the week. Have fun with this one!


09 December 2014

The Twilight Zone

We have an announcement to make:
You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead—your next stop, the twilight zone!
BNG will have a new look as of 1 January 2015. Speaking of changes, our holiday decor is up and about. Today is only serving the purpose of general BNG news. A new jersey is expected to be on its way, one that hasn't yet been purchased but is towards the top of the BNG wishlist. You will get a sneak peek with the next few concepts that are designed by the end of the year with the signature form of the new branding. That's including the one for the MLS Eastern Conference champions by weeks end. Carry on.


05 December 2014

Ducks But Don't Cover

In the event that the Ducks promoted their most recent thirds to home kits and added a corresponding road white, I used that as inspiration for a new third. This however accomplishes several things. First is that there is another orange jersey and with the "OC" patch (Stadium Series). Second is that it has wide stripes with TV numbers in them as well as the laces (last Mighty Ducks era alternate). Finally, the wordmark is used for the crest (the new old home/road kits).

This was the end result. It is simple and not overpowering though the orange is a little bold of a statement. I also added the front number to make the front look fuller. I am very happy how my envisionment of such a jersey turned out. One of my best works I think. If only some of my others were as such. I think this is a step in the right direction but not necessarily the right alternate for the Ducks to adopt.


03 December 2014

Hono(u)ring Monsieur Jean Bélive4u

Last night, hockey lost a legend, one of the best to ever grace the earth both on and off the ice. Jean Béliveau was an icon after his playing days as both a man in the front office and having continued his charity work. He is likely the most decorated player in the sport and in an elite group among all sports. From playing alone, a ring for each of his fingers and both thumbs. On top of that adding seven more from his other involvement with the organization. You can only imagine the personal accolades he racked up during those ten cup years and all else. There is no need to list them - Jean wouldn't have it any other way. Just as in the community, he gave his all for the betterment of the team before his own benefit.

There's a reason Jean was inducted an unprecedented year early into Hockey's Hall of Fame and that his number was retired into the rafters of the historic Montréal Forum. He was in a league of his own: rivaled by no one, but respected by all. The above was created by me as a remembrance not of his death, but the life and legacy he leaves behind. His unparalleled level of excellence and well-roundedness surely did not go unnoticed, but that attention did grab the hearts and minds of others. Our heart goes out to the Béliveau family and friends, the Molsons and the entire Canadiens organization, their fans, the Province of Québec, and the other ambassadors of the sport as we look back at the times inspired by such a great advocate of life and hockey.

-Richard F. Mazella II

01 December 2014

Batting 1.000

Notice the time 12:15? 12 (December): 1 (date+)(20)14 (year) I tried, anyway... I've done a lot of writing and I'm sure, I've doubled for at least the equivalent in designing things. Because of that, I'm celebrating by not only not doing anything but also indulging in unhealthy food as I'm generally good to my health when it comes to that (Five Guys, here I come). But seriously, some of the time has breezed by and some dragged on forever. I cannot fathom how well BNG has been received. Thank you to all of you, new or old readers contributors and followers. To those that came before me, Ryan Haslett at HJC in particular (having begun my blogging career having this as a medium to host my personal concepts that were submitted for HJC,) but also Alan J. Herbert. Caden Patafie, Jake Miller, and William Butala, it is with great respect that you have trusted us with your contributions here. That said, enjoy the rest of your day!

-Richard F. Mazella II
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