This is Mazella's collection of his favorite self-works.

"Liverpoolization" of Arsenal FC
The "Uniting" of Arsenal FC
The original HJC "red" jersey.

Atlanta Cotton Kings (NY Islanders relocation HJC competition - unused)
Home                              Road

USA Roller Hockey, according to Ryan Haslett

I had the blues when designing this one.

The Las Vegas Seguarros

My free-handed stencil, Chautauqua, NY.

Based on the comic strip.

Macedonian Hockey Federation

Vancouver Canucks kit

Modernized vintage Rochester Knighthawks jersey

Hawai'ian introduced to the NHL

Mixing and Matching in Anaheim

HJC  FLA third jersey contest #2

How the Blizzard field could have transformed into

The official Art of Hockey jersey?

My alternative to the real thing

My alternative, sans ads

Fantasy Football 2012: Bringing back the Buffalo Destroyers

Recoloring collegiate logos to make a good re-brand.

Ft. Wayne Mad Ants (NBA D-League)

A whale of an idea!

Charlotte Bobcats

Cavs City

New York, New York

In TO, old meets new.

Celtics basketball or Philly Eagles Football?

A real Mardi Gras party y'all jersey

Could double for Mount's uniforms in the NCAA.

At the Aud.

It's Miller atime

When the Saints go marching in.

No stranger danger.

Bringing back "Ol' Snake Eyes" and needs to happen with move to Vancouver too.

Playing in vertigo a mile high?

Destroyers revisited - if around in the league several years before their existence.

Colleagues in a class to bring basketball to Seattle for a project with new arena.

Bruins Untouchables contest at HJC.

2013 HJC Open entrant.

Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Future indigenous round jumper for North?

90s meet 2000s.

Basketball Returns to Vancouver via fantasy sports.

Cross-breeding the Bay area.

New meaning to "Argentina Stripes."

i90 meets 2000s.

Buffalo Arsenal Club working flag.

90s meets 2000s.

Self explanatory... (generally speaking).

Could have been a permanent fixture in St. Louis.

Halak wasn't given a chance.

(Not another) North indigenous jumper.

Pre-NHL HJC competition.

Faux plus roundel removal equals different.

Bringing back the warning pattern.
Revisiting an old friend.

Hockey returns to Oakland, baseball style.

A template style that needs to come back.

When quidditch was an intramural sport.

Memorial for Jean.


An acquaintance's obsession.

These need to be reissued.

Better than the old one.

Crows looking to rebrand again.

BigFooty one off contest.

Roller hockey, revived.

Roller hockey meets Aussie rules.

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