19 March 2018

Behind the Brand: Niagara Rapids

I've always had an affinity for the Norfolk Tides old cap logo of the waves crashing through the wooden boards creating an "N" wearing a ball cap. As such, I have used it for my fantasy baseball team. My first team became the Buffalo Rapids and eventually the Buffalo/Niagara Xpress, which has been documented in the past. But I had a look for this club should I decide to get a customized jersey made (without the logo)...

The jerseys feature my preference of a vested cutoff with sleeves as some of such combinations (Cincinnati, Arizona) have done so quite well.

14 January 2018

Chillin' in the Seychelles (I Wish)

A few years ago on the Big Footy forum was an Aussie rules design competition called the "Asia N' Africa League" which gets its name for the locations of bidding entries. I decided at that time my AAL entry would belong to the Seychelles. I then preceded to use local flora and fauna as well as infrastructure - my go to for choosing team monikers. I decided on the Tortoises of Seychelles being the official name. my entry was seemingly between substandard and average given that many of the six jumpers went all over the place trying to work with what I had had. Just a month ago, this was reintroduced under a different format with entries due before noon US Eastern tomorrow. For it, just a singular jumper was required and the kit maker and other sponsors were to be made up. The first is what I will consider the competing jumper to be as even the wave was asked to be removed.

At the advice of others from other competition boards, I dis-included my usual branding template. This jumper was originally an alternate from the first competition but of course many things are different. Most notably I used my own template as well as changed the numbers and replaced the country flag in place of the "SEY" abbreviation. While there are even more, those are relatively minor. It's too bad as of this post only six entries are actually ready and only two more are in progress, but it should still be a good event.


23 November 2017

Bingle Bells, Bingle All the Way

After explaining the pronunciation of the BNGLHoF abbreviation, I thought of the upcoming holiday that follows today's. This particular induction is both a Thanksgiving and "Kwanzachristmukkah" of sorts. Another year of firsts in this class and certainly more modern that previous classes.

Though not featured, this year's KHL All-Star Game brings multiple leagues of competitive ice hockey to the tableand the touch up of the Detroit Lions brings our first NFL logo into the fold. Superbowl XXXII is the first of its kind to feature in an induction class. Though not the first collegiate team, San Diego State University's Aztecs changed their logo due to criticism over Native American portrayals that were disputed (where haven't we heard that?) and resulted in this rebrand. As a part of their rebrand to signify the move from the ECHL to the AHL, the Charlotte Checkers established a new era with a snazzy alternate to top of the primary with a warning flag included to signify their parent club of the Carolina Hurricanes. Plenty of talking points here, but all worthy entrants in this year's BNGLHoF class.


21 November 2017

KSG at Special-K Stadium

Remember that Aussie Rules c]design team of mine? Well I'm trying to slightly up my pre-season game. This idea came from another participant in the competition so I decided to disclose with the competition our plans for "redevelopment" along with ticket packages.

Of course, a sponsorship deal had to be put in place for promotional purposes. And, the first home game had to have a schedule photo magnet giveaway. The latter, I know I am the first in the seven year history of the reserves or the primary levels of the competition.


19 November 2017

It's Finally Here...!

After realizing that I never put up my finished Aussie rules jumper template looking back at the VRFC post from last month, I am bringing it to you now. It will be complete with side panel and a long-sleeved option for those who wish.

Some day, I may add different types of collars to this, but I've always been a V-neck guy so that was the base model. This is technically the third version of the template, but only the first officially published. Feel free to use it for your ideas.


28 October 2017

Raising the Seal-ing

The National Lacrosse League has a new man aboard to expand the sport. Joey Tsai of Alibaba fame is bringing lacrosse to San Diego. But it wasn't until the last several days that the brand was unveiled. I give you the Seals (Well my version of them anyway).

I was trying to go off of what Projoy has done in the past. I also added new things to make this seem somewhat unique to the team. This wasn't terribly challenging, though I felt that I could have done more if a good version of the alternate logo surfaced. In any event, I managed fine.


18 October 2017

Return of the Convocation

As I saw fit, I made various arrangements for a Aussie Rules design league I'm competing in. If you remember the Victoria River Eagles, that is the focus. I needed a new set of jumpers for the new season. I have kept two from the previous season (2014/15). The new home was the former clash and now featuring new numbers while the old home is now the heritage kit with the club song added to the front. New Jumpers have been added to meet requirements.

The names of each jumper are indicative of relevant words or phrases from the local indigenous  language of the Northern Territory. I decided to redo the branding sheet so that it was more in line with the other work.


06 September 2017

Havin' a Time, Where the Brier Is the B'y!

The BNG MSP is certainly not lacking quality content as today we revisit several items from my visit to St. John's in March for the Tim Hortons Brier. Included are two local newspapers with an edition of the Curling News plus a few Tankard Times (one signed by Mike McEwen's Team Manitoba), a signed team Manitoba photo, a photo of an Albertan representation) a Brier media guide an airline ticket to St John's from Pearson International (YYZ), a poster of Brad Gushue (winning skip from host Newfoundland and Labrador, and tickets from earlier draws of the tournament.

Finally the winning province got their glory after being among Canada's best men's sides for years. The Party went into the wee hours of the morning on George Street where Gushue had promised to bring the Brier Tankard if they'd won. From George Street to the freak windstorm on the day before, it was certainly an event they'll talk about forever in the Great White North.


16 July 2017

Great Scotties, That was Brilliant!

Some may recall my adventures a quick trip across the border to Canada  in February of this year. I grabbed some things from the Scotties in St. Catharine's for the BNG MPS. The Museum of Play and Sport has other items in it, but I'm featuring these today.

While I did attend a draw earlier in the week, everything in the museum is from the fantastic gold medal game between Michelle Englot's Manitoba and champions Ontario represented by Rachel Homan. I have the day after's local paper in addition to various versions of the daily Scottie publication and signed clapper placards (if that's what they're called) from various Manitoba and Ontario players with a ticket from the gold medal game and official team pictures from both sides respectively signed. I'm already having withdrawal and wish we could get the same venue and excitement every year!


26 June 2017

Bisons in a Winter Classic

At the request of a manager at one of my places of employment, I created a set of what that would be. One of which could also be used at the 2018 Winter Classic. I subsequently entered it for the 2017 HJC Open tournament round robin stage.

Also, I have been working on those new Adidas templates, and it will prominently feature the most appropriate team, Vegas, for my first time use. But this set before that and the results of the HJC Ope precede.

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