18 October 2017

Return of the Convocation

As I saw fit, I made various arrangements for a Aussie Rules design league I'm competing in. If you remember the Victoria River Eagles, that is the focus. I needed a new set of jumpers for the new season. I have kept two from the previous season (2014/15). The new home was the former clash and now featuring new numbers while the old home is now the heritage kit with the club song added to the front. New Jumpers have been added to meet requirements.

The names of each jumper are indicative of relevant words or phrases from the local indigenous  language of the Northern Territory. I decided to redo the branding sheet so that it was more in line with the other work.


26 June 2017

Bisons in a Winter Classic

At the request of a manager at one of my places of employment, I created a set of what that would be. One of which could also be used at the 2018 Winter Classic. I subsequently entered it for the 2017 HJC Open tournament round robin stage.

Also, I have been working on those new Adidas templates, and it will prominently feature the most appropriate team, Vegas, for my first time use. But this set before that and the results of the HJC Ope precede.


20 June 2017

Tonight's the Night, Tomorrow's the Day

As has been highly anticipated, the NHL and Adidas will fully reveal the brand new uniforms for each of the thirty-one teams while the Expansion Draft will be officially finalized by tomorrow. while I intend to absorb the most up to date Adidas template in full. I put together my Vegas Golden Knights as per the rules of the expansion draft. Courtesy of our friends at Cap Friendly, you can do so too if you wanted - the hard work is done for you and you can go ahead and choose your players. You can view my compilation below.

I tried to find value buys mixed in with veterans and salary cap eaters. As it worked out, the team would have just over eight million dollars to work with for post-entry draft trades and free-agent pickups, pending potential trades of players picked up in said expansion draft. There was special consideration to balance primary atatcking positions at five per (six at left wing) with two more attackers and defensemen than the requirement. But the entry draft in and of itself could turn this team upside down in just a matter of days unlike the results of past expansion drafts. Only the short time left will tell.


19 June 2017

Testing, 1, 2, 3...

Greetings sports fans! So we've seen a lot of the modified Aussie rules jumper template recently and wanted to go back to it very quickly. You may remember my initial go at it from between Thanksgiving 2015 and the beginning of last year. Well I (finally) got back to it and made alterations. The next step will be to continue fixing the socks and try adding different manufacturers collars (Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc...). In the short, I used the Arizona Coyotes as a sample for the template before I thought of adding sleeves to the template.

I took my desertscape recreation and applied it here but with rows of the alternate logo fading the closer it gets to the top of the jumper. I also wished to ad the crest from the old alternate into the desertscape to add to the back underneath where the sponsor would go as well as provide a logo above the chest sponsor on the front. The change was that you can no longer see inside the cuffs on the front view of the template. In the Mt. Buller samples, I made the shorts less baggy and had the jumper look more slim on the sides in addition to adding sleeves. The sleeves in that case also doubled to replace the socks that are still under remodeling. All in all it was a success full start to improving the template on the whole.


18 June 2017

Another MBD Alt Look

Welcome back to BNG as the final installment of the Mount Buller series has arrived. I present the "Bloody Mary/Murder" jumper. Another plain set, but going on the Demons name seemed to be under thought of by the clubs previous designers. If you look closely enough at what I did to alter the logo from the original, there is red where there would have normally be blue (black). However, to drive home the point of the logo selection, I filled those negative spaces into blood and voila.

Then again, It would be ironic if the Blood Rule would come into effect. If a player is bleeding injured without visible traces other than the red part of the jumper before it becomes oxygenated substantially, would the blood rule be able to be called?  It would be an interesting scenario if it ever presented itself. I hope you have found intrigue in the new footy/basketball template if anything at all. This series was merely out of a request that turned into possibility.


17 June 2017

The Other MBD Alt Look

I would discuss the actual alternate, however we defined in the primary of the series it is merely a heritage Melbourne jumper. And with that,we have another variant of the accustomed wide v but with another hockey inspired alternate - this from the Calgary Flames horse head jersey.

Again, rather plain and traditional from the jumper itself without the logo and sponsors, but it also was up for introduction. I knew it would not have the same effect as that of a hockey sweater but wanted to give it a go anyway. Meanwhile, one more tomorrow to round up.


16 June 2017

The Other MBD Road Look

Hi there - take a look into the road uniform that kind of wasn't in the continuing Mount Buller series. Here we have the facing front partial version of the logo. Instead of just plain white, I decided to use the mountain ridge/eyebrow of the skull as a sublimation with the negative space on the skull of the eyes and nose as the primary design feature. Aside from that, it is actually a very basic kit.

I didn't want to go to far out as the logo already somewhat does that. In place of the founding year on the top of the back are the clubs official initials. Sponsors are as you were from the rest and upcoming. Nothing spectacular, but when you have several jumpers for one team, you can only go with a limited amount, so this was the road that got scrapped.


15 June 2017

AJHoF Induct 17

Alright friends, it’s that time of year again - the day after game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I am pleased to introduce that as previously announced, we are going to open up different wings of this hall. The first of those will be in two months. August 15 will be the induction date which means I will need the nominees in by July 20. Accepted nominees will then be eligible for three weeks to be voted upon before polls close. Now to the fun portion of the program...

Our Buffalo Nickel Graphics Alternate Jersey Hall of Fame Class of 2017 will include the following NHL uniform: the Florida Panthers navy alternate from the 1998/99 through 2002/03 seasons. This uniform then became the home uniform swapped in place of the red uniforms until the 2005/06 season where the names on the back were straightened from being arched previously (across all three uniforms). That version of that navy would last just one more season with the introduction of Reebok's new uniforms league-wide.

hat brings the AJHoF's total to 19 inductees. However, the name and logo was changed last year to reflect the introduction of uniforms from other sports. Once the August induction is announced, they will be found here and will further on be inducted as normally scheduled.

Be sure to check back on the Halls of Fame tab for updates for the Logo Hall of Fame as well as next year's AJHof nominees. We look forward to maintaining that page with this year's changes. We encourage you to contribute (as we always do) to these processes.


14 June 2017

The Other MBD Home Look

Hi all, here is the third installment of the Mount Buller series. it was the second option I had planned for this club. Compared to the preferred choice, this is half and half with a sublimated logo and navy instead of red shorts.

I had wanted to have an option to play on the traditional kit that I planned to use as an alternate and turn it into one of those with a couple of chevrons separating the two "halves" but it turned out to look like it was just further down with just one white chevron. It was the more traditional and probably safer approach of the two.


13 June 2017

The MBD Home Look

Welcome to our continuing coverage of Mt. Buller Demons Football Club FFC. Hope everyone has been somewhat curious of the previous post regarding the MBDFFC. Since this is the first individual jumper to feature, I will provide some background into what's going on here that wasn't covered in the original.

As is understood of the club, it is one of the original two franchises left in the SFA, which established in 2001. Target and Virgin have been running gags as sponsors, to which I gave a new one in Red Bull. However, the sleeves make the jumpers look a little like gymnastics uniforms, but you don't see long sleeves for most matches in the first place so it would really be a non-issue. That sums up this one, basic. For more, keep checking in throughout the coming week for the rest of the set.

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