26 April 2014


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Friday: Like a Well Oiled Duck

Glad to be writing you today, Ricky Mazella here for another HCI Friday! The Lightning are out, the Kings stave off elimination, and everything else is relatively entertaining. But we have some entertaining concepts too - let's have a look see, shall we?

Anaheim Ducks
Submission by: Jake88

Jake starts us off with one of the most graceful Ducks concepts I've ever seen. That's pretty good given the lack of use of this crest logo. This could still use a face-lift, but it will do just fine. The numbers are a tad large all around, and the hem needs to be fixed up tremendously - I'd rather it match the arm stripes than the yoke. While the pants are what is regularly used, I've never been a fan of it's thin stripe.  Otherwise - It's the same old song.

Edmonton Oilers
Submission by: Alan John Herbert

This was a concept inspired by a contest over at HJC. This is one of the best I saw in that contest. It makes a lot of sense too - the curvature says it all. I have many times tried to patch together such a concept and it just never happened, this is somewhat something I had in mind. I wouldn't mind seeing a little orange in here, but that was changed from copper in the original color scheme to this logo set.

Another HCI installment in the books means time to get back to playoff hockey. Whichever your team is, relax and enjoy the great quality of hockey to come!


24 April 2014

Nickelodeons?! No, Nickelonians!

Hey-o Nickelonians! Another Thursday edition of BNG has arrived. But first, let me make a brief clarification . . .
{nɪ•kə•ləʊ•ni•ən' (n.) - readers and/or followers of Buffalo Nickel Graphics}
Now that that's taken care of let me give you a brief debrief. I am anticipating other concepts from other designers to come in soon so keep your eyes peeled for those. The following concept from Jake88 is indeed his submission to HJC's Steel Drop Jersey contest. Here's what he's got:

While I did like the keeping of navy, I think I would've liked to see orange here. At least as an accent color. The half yoke outline and the striping both are not convincing me that these will ever take to the ice. The pants in particular just look plain old silly. However, (though the original wasn't bad) these numbers appear to be much more welcoming. At least there is something positive other than execution to take from the concept.

Another concept has been judged and speaking of judging, you may have noticed the stamp of approval has disappeared. I felt it redundant to include them anymore as it was obvious that posted concept must be in good taste anyway. That and I'm no HJC or Icethetics, but all's fair in design and war, I suppose. See you later.


23 April 2014

Ducks and Cover

We have a lot of guest entries on their way, so don't be surprised that input will be up, up, up for the next little while! I said Ducks and cover, but this is actually a well thought out concept from Jake88. You'll see what I mean.

This mixes a lot of things together, but it also accomplishes a lot of things too. We see a rare Anaheim script logo, a Sabres side panel template, and stuff from the LA Stadium Series game ( the "OC" patch and the big looking numbers {which may actually be the right size, I can't tell}). As for the aforementioned accomplishments, It brings back a crest logo and similar striping pattern from the original alternate liked as a Ducks fan, but it also brings all Ducks fans another long awaited orange jersey and the "OC" patch that I like (at least).


19 April 2014


*** The following is my post from a different site, please visit hockeyconceptideas.blogspot.com for the article. ***

Friday: Cup Runneth Over

There isn't really much to talk about other than playoff hockey at this point in time. That's all I'm going to discuss. My picks are in and you'll get tot see them right now.

Not to sound biased but yes I did pull for my Ducks. But I guarantee that it won't be a walk in the park. I am looking forward to seeing more after the last couple of days worth of games! Sayonara.


18 April 2014

Jump Around

As many of you may recall, I created an alternity for AFL footy last year. The following is based on the first year of the AFL's Carlton Kangaroos, a merged club. This club switched it's uniforms following the renaming of the VFL to the AFL. The illustration below depicts 1989 the last year under the VFL branding.

This is clearly much different from some of the jumpers that will be worn this week in AFL footy. The league will experiment this 5th Round with player surnames on the back above the numbers but below any club insignia. The socks were modern Celtic FC inspired while the rest of the uniform is a mixture of many Carlton and North eras (in jumper history anyway). As far as a clash jumper, Brisbane's Bears were the first team to do so with their expansion in 1987 while the fellow expansion West Coast didn't do so until 1995.


17 April 2014

NBA Trippin'

Just to be safe, I am locking in my NBA playoff predictions now. They may not be pretty, they may not be popular, but they are realistic. At least I'm not like the many fans on the Heat wagon - they just got burned (they fell into a ring of fire). Now that I've had my fun . . . wait: I can't stand the Heat, so I root against Miami. Okay, now I've had my fun.

Are the Pacers my team, yes. However I would like to point out that I would give them the easiest path to the Finals if I chose hem to win just because. If this weren't a legitimate prediction, I'd say they sweep the Hawks, Wizards, then Charlotte, then dispose of the Western Conference winner - we all know that won't happen. But we do know that that is possible to happen since the teams with more rest in the NBA playoffs have gone on to win their conferences (at least as of late). That is how Indiana beats Portland in this scenario by having played one less playoff game prior to the "Finals."


15 April 2014

NHL Trippin'

While there will be little rest for most of the teams (except for Detroit and Boston - Friday) the league playoffs will start either tomorrow or Thursday for 14 of the 16 qualifying teams. It doesn't appear to have a bad series other than the Ducks and Stars series which many anticipate a sweep by Anaheim. It is difficult to do considering the realignment has changed things up for the first time in a while.

The Ducks, you ask? Why yes, they almost claimed their first President's Trophy to their name after all. They also play in the seemingly stronger conference and as for Tampa Bay, I'm assuming that Ben Bishop will be back by then and I'd even take a long shot and say that he will get the Conn Smythe if he does indeed return - though I would like to see Teemu get it and retire with it whether we win or lose in the Finals. If you think this pick is biased, think again. If that were the case, we'd sweep Dallas, and get Minnesota in an easy Conference Finals match-up followed by a pure chance of luck in Columbus. Let me repeat that again, slowly this time:   a   pure   chance   of   luck   in   Columbus. As for playing the Kings or LA, it won't matter as it would still be the only seven game series. But you've come to the right place if you were looking for something much more realistic.


12 April 2014

HCI: Post XX

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Friday: Sports Talk Radio Coming to HCI?

Howdy do? I have no concepts for you but wanted to post something. It isn't sports related but is a one off hint as to what might or might not come next. My college radio station just purchased soundproofing and I helped put it up yesterday. What posters/art/etc . . . would you put in the gaps?

Left Side                                Right Side


We're going to spruce it up, but imagine if it was exclusively hockey. What would you want to see in it? Just something to think about


06 April 2014

Votes Wanted!

Hello, friends! Please remember that voting for Third Jersey Hall of Fame Voting is still on for the remainder of April. The official announcement will be made on induction day. Induction day will be announced when the potential game 7 during the Stanley Cup Finals is revealed. The induction will be the day after. That is all, but I'll be watching the BNG inbox.


05 April 2014


*** The following is my post from a different site, please visit hockeyconceptideas.blogspot.com for the article. ***

Friday: King of the World

Back in action for the first Friday in the month of April. It's "the magic of Ricky Mazella" according to yesterday's tweet from HCI's official account. Let's begin the weekend off with a bang, starting right now!

Dylan gives us a slice of retro-modernism. With everything current about the jersey elements, there isn't much to be surprised about (though I must say ditch the Bettman stripes). However, he brings back yellow to be reintroduced to the color scheme. There is also a lot more white featured on this jersey (et al). I don't think I like seeing that much white, but bringing the gold back takes a good step back towards the past but forward in the right direction.

Speaking of kings, the "King of New York" once again has become a pivotal point in my life. I had another jersey come in earlier this week. It is my first in the sport of basketball. Why am I posting about a basketball jersey? Well for one thing it would make a good hockey spin-off, but I am a jersey enthusiast in general. My favorite team, a player with all of his 18 seasons for that team, it's one of the few exceptions I make for purchases. This was a jersey that had almost completely alluded me for several years. I came across one for $10 (opening bid) but didn't have a Paypal account and my neighbor freshman year (last name Miller) saw me looking at it and I told him to try for it. He got it at that opening bid. Three years later and $30 more expensive with free shipping both times, I am home.

Another HCI post down. Meanwhile I'm having a much better round so far in HCIHL play (not that the consolation match mean's anything). Well I hope that the last few games of the regular season are as exciting as you hope - QUACK!


03 April 2014

Celtic, Celtic, and More Celtic

Plain and simple, I have a Celtic concept. It's inspired by their current kit (to some degree). This is the big show for the day.

Neil Lennon could probably have been a player-manager, but you hardly (if ever) see it happen. It's something to keep you thinking.


02 April 2014

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie!

Today is a historic day in jersey lore. Reggie Miller is in the house! It also happens to be my first and only basketball jersey to date. I have long awaited finding one over five years to be exact. As you know my personal jersey preferences, this happens to be one of the exceptions to the rule. But let's bask in its beauty for a moment.

I'm just so excited for its first game, whenever I will be able to wear it . . . Hopefully we don't go 0-for. Another jersey happens to be on it's way - but you'll find that one out sooner or later. Until then you can only imagine.


01 April 2014

The Mensa Test


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