22 June 2016

Keep the Sleeves!

There was a consensus here that for the first time on the night of the first Sunday was also the first time a sleeved jersey was worn when the Larry O'Brien Trophy was won. That prompted us to have myself update and subsequently use the NBA sleeved jersey template. While many have reviled them, I have welcomed them with open arms as a person who doesn't like tank tops and already wears a t-shirt under basketball jerseys (a la Patrick Ewing). At first, I thought the modern version of the jerseys were Nike knockoffs with how there was design leeway on the back, but then I saw the location of the shoulder and gusset mesh.

This would not be anywhere near an appropriate color scheme for a Buffalo basketball team (the yellow more so than the navy). But here it serves its purpose just fine, as Indiana Pacers as the jersey front is. Aside from the back, if these were for Indy then I don't know if it would be best on sleeves than a normal jersey. That (you would think) won't happen ever. Just don't come back to me and tell me if it does.


18 June 2016

Shooter the Golden Hoosier in Hawai'i

Well, not exactly. The Pacers are well into their middle ages, and once again the organization has done the subtle but efficient effect with their special logo department. I must say, though it is trademark to Pacer alternate logos, it would look better without the roundel. But in no means am I filing complaints. I think that if one ring of the roundel is removed, it would be most perfect (preferably the outer gray).

In other news, it took two days plus today to relay news that "Number 19"  is going to be done at 19. Josh Sansderson most recently of the Toronto Rock Announced his retirement on Wednesday after not quite two full decades. I remember the first time I saw Shooter play on TV - the 2002 Championship game against Toronto as a member of the (then) Albany Attack (currently Vancouver Stealth). It's funny how when I was working on the below concept, I randomly chose his number to test on the concept without thinking of him to shortly discover of his retirement. as I had with Tavares during his retirement ceremony, I omitted the captain's letter from this concept. When it was done on Tavares', I was still used to seeing him with the "A" on his chest. I'll save that story for another day. Lots of retirements in Toronto the past half decade, including Whipper (Bob Watson), Chugger (Bandits GM Steve Dietrich), Scoop (Jim Veltman) and now Shooter as well as Blaine Manning before him among others. The lead-up to the not so great season for the Rock could very well be this core group of veterans slowly but surely having gradually diminished roster ability.

When we use the term "re-invent the wheel," I took that in this case to mean update the Hawai'ian jerseys Toronto wore in 2008. As I kept the traditional elements from the original, I used the current leaf template to provide a 75 to 25 red to blue ratio. This was because I felt more blue should be incorporated, while keeping to the original red version of this uniform. This would be one of those looks better in person than conceptualized uniforms. If you look at the original, and put it side-to-side with this, you will see what I mean though not exactly the same. Well, I tried - that in itself was hard work.


16 June 2016

Alternate Jersey Induction Ceremony 2016

Today is the moment you have been waiting for in the alternate jersey world. The name of this hall of fame has altered to be more reflective and less-discriminatory of heritage and special event jerseys as opposed to just actual third jerseys and also to reflect jerseys across other sports (which will begin for next year). However this year, there was only one inductee by our voting contingent.

We are proud to announce that another member of the inaugural class of NHL alternate jerseys, the 1996 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim "Wild Wing" jersey, as the newest member of the BNG Alternate Jersey Hall of Fame. With the inclusion of this year's inductee, there are eighteen members of the hall - all of which are former NHL uniforms. We congratulate this year's Stanley Cup winner the San Jose Sharks/Pittsburgh Penguins on their triumph. As hockey season concludes next season, the alternate jersey induction date will continue to be the day after the if necessary game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals.  This concludes our presentation for today, thank you for reading.


15 June 2016

KeyBank Center It Is (We Think)

While the Key Bank takeover of First Niagara may still fall through possibly, there has been anticipation that the name change will still go forward this October. We also figured that assuming it does, a new look will come in some form at center ice. This will probably just be the removal of First Niagara Center in favor of KeyBank Center. Our Friends at Frozen Faceoff have just changed it to adapt with the current center ice design. I went quite a bit beyond that.

As you see, I changed the look completely from just the logo - while the logo does look good, it is bland at center ice. I decided that that needed an update to what you see above. However, If the pattern on the centerline of all diamonds stay, I wouldn't be opposed to that specifically. As you may have also noticed, the venue name is printed four times. Only the Scottrade Center in St. Louis and Florida's BB&T Center do that currently. I could have done four more with the logo before the script, but I didn't like how that looks and it differentiates the bank from the venue to some degree. Well, I thought this might be something slightly different the past few days. It's certainly something I'd like to have done a bit more often. But that can be said of many of the projects here. Have fun with these. I might even adapt these into a rink with dasher board concept. Until then, only time will tell.


14 June 2016

Adjusting Things that Won't Happen

Yesterday we discussed how Crossroads Arena (name during planning; soon to be Key Bank Arena) as Marine Midland Arena was relatively unique when it first opened. Now, its seems as though (as of May 11 this year) what you see below will presumably not happen. As I worked on yesterday's center Ice concepts, I did theses alongside but felt the need to separate them upon completion.

Notice the positioning of the arena name is relatively exact to what was of yesterday. However, this wouldn't have worked in say the HSBC era, for example. With Key Bank, I can see it but don't want to push it. If anything, I do see two things that could work well, but I'll let you see them tomorrow.


13 June 2016

Return the Wavy Lights!

When First Niagara bought shares of HSBC, it also purchased the naming rights to HSBC Arena. At which point, I was hoping to see the lights in the shape of waves on the arena exterior that accompanied the "Marine Midland Arena" lighting would return in some capacity. They didn't. I tried to do a mock up of it before the days of BNG, but now I decided at least with center ice, I can be more accurate.

That was probably one of may favorite sponsors ever. It was local and it was unique. Think of what would've happened if General Mills had the naming rights... Buffalo would be playing in a cereal bowl instead of a bank.

No matter, with  the Key Bank takeover of First Niagara, the name change will again be in place - this in four months time. Barring another name change, Key Bank will have the rights until expiration in 2026.


11 June 2016

The Inaugural Class of Third Jerseys

The purpose of this post is none other than introducing this vision I found while browsing YouTube.

Just a thought. Bob McKensie's hair though... He looks better now. Salmon?! I have seen originals of the uniform and I'm not talking about the one I have. The originals don't even look salmon - looks a little too dark, but I suppose it passes. They for sure got one thing right: Burger King was the worst of the five.


10 June 2016

Thanks, Gordie

This weekend, a week after the great Muhammad Ali passed away, it is with a heavy heart to learn that we have lost another dedicated athlete in "Mr. Hockey" Gordie Howe. As with Jean Béliveau and the Montréal Canadiens, we have plans to pass along our sympathies to the Red Wings organization. The below is the tribute for the organization.

How didn't give it the "how do you do" very often if ever, but he certainly left his mark across six decades of hockey. He spent time to be integrated with the community, just ask Wayne Gretzky. All that can be said really, simply put, is "thank you."


07 June 2016

How to Open a Tournament

As every year, our friends at HJC is looking for a logo suitable for it's annual concept tournament. Entrants were allowed a maximum of three concepts and are likely going to be allowed to vote fro their own. If I vote for one (if permissible), it will be for the hexagonal depiction. Last year was the only in which I did not participate from the inaugural. In subsequent years, I have not advanced passed the first round. My goal will be to surpass that mark. Until then, well se what the logo will be, since we can't right now, you can view my submissions below.

Also don't forget, June 16 will be the Alternate Jersey Hall of Fame induction for 2016. Notice the name will officially change on that date with logo to boot. That will come in time. Until then, whatever will be will be.


06 June 2016

2016 NLL Picks and Power Rankings: End of Season

Are Saskatchewan worthy champions? Yes. Were they the better team on Saturday? No. Would they have won game tree in Buffalo this Saturday? I think so. However the latter pair don't matter. We have brief  2016 reactions below, but that will need another day of material to itself. We'll dissect more then. Otherwise, it was a relatively entertaining game. Looking on the horizon, we may see expansion in the near future (I'm guessing for 2018). This is across the league, but the officiating did not get any better this year. I have not been pleased since the year referee Chet Couture retired (2009). Seven long seasons I have waited for officiating to find stability. However, just like the players, the refs get paid peanuts. Basically, I need more consistency among penalties and less ref control on interpretation. I am positively receptive to what Commissioner Sakiewicz has done. The toughest season for him is out of the way, s maybe for me there's hope.

Champions Cup (Game 1):


Weekly Total: 1/1
Season Total: 53/81 (.654%)
Postseason Total: 4/8 (.500%)
Cumulative Total: 57/89 (.640%)
*Away team is above the home team; underline below arrow indicates correct pick.

Report Card (Overall):
Buffalo Bandits: (B+) Struggled at times against weaker opponents; improved defense.
Calgary Roughnecks: (B-) Though the squeaked out a playoff berth after starting 6-0, improvement from last year required starting Scigliano.
Colorado Mammoth: (C+) Jones carried team a lot still not enough for getting to the Finals;
Georgia Swarm: (B-) While they did make the playoffs, it didn't initially look that way; finding better juju at the Infinite Energy.
New England Black Wolves: (A) don't know if anyone gave them a chance to make the playoffs despite roster improvements.
Rochester Knighthawks: (F) Offense lost  a lot of force; gave up two game lead for last playoff spot late in season after four straight Finals.
Saskatchewan Rush: (A) Great team up until Finals, where team was above average instead of great; need better Bold back up in case of emergency.
Toronto Rock: (F) Flat start to year, worse finish  than 2015 Calgary - both started 0-6; core veterans not entirely stepping up.
Vancouver Stealth: (C-) Big improvement on both offense and defense; lucky T-Rich came out of retirement.

Final Power Rankings:
1. (1) SASKATCHEWAN - Lucky just enough Saturday night, but still the better team over all (in my opinion).
2. (2) BUFFALO - Can't be disappointed with the season fully.
3. (3) GEORGIA - The picks that are left are doing well, and the ones that aren't have given other players.
4. (4) COLORADO - How have they not been close to a final given their relative regular season success?
5. (5) NEW ENGLAND - Wings fans thinking they are missing out on some playoff lacrosse.
6. (6) CALGARY - Must decide what to do with Mike Poulin.
7. (7) VANCOUVER - Don't know much of what else can get them playoff bound again.
8. (8) TORONTO - Still get league's best dressed award for another year.
9. (9) ROCHESTER - We've learned that Rochester needs to either embrace the purple more or go back to a more traditional teal.

View Brian Shanahan's picks on IL Indoor.

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