19 May 2017

Borrowing Ideas

I happened to recall a couple graphics used by the Sportslogos folks for the most recent Baseball Hall of Fame class and thought to tweak it to my needs. However these aren't really needs, I just was trying to test my memory of my involvement with soccer as a player. This process returned my to trading cards. All of this spurring from my first time playing organized soccer in some years (to help a friend, really, but it would have been nice to play of course. So the team Erie County FC is a new team in the new 3rd Division of the Buffalo District Soccer League for adult competition. It was this that made me consider that it has been quite a while since playing the outdoor form of the sport. So I then gave this a go.

All in all, picking up where I left off has been a little challenging from a stamina standpoint. Conditioning isn't what it was but still present and tactical processes are still on the sharp end. But it has been six and a half years since I have played on a full-length field. This shows how the demands of a referee are less than many positions within the BDSL. That said, just something different to put up here.


05 May 2017

We Are the V

Who would have thought that today would be something more than Cinco de Mayo? Although one could say today is like the Fourth of July as American Independence Day where the celebration is actually a few days off. While falling on the first aforementioned holiday was pure coincidence, it was no fluke where I wanted to take this. Though not completely in the original form I had envisioned, much positive has come from this venture. And Whilst we are in a festive mood, I am pleased to announce the brand new BNG Museum for Sport and Play. The first such item(s) will be introduced tomorrow. To be honest, it feels like it was forever ago that I decided to do this. I didn't know anything about blogging either (I picked that up really quickly). While those are true, when things had changed from the end of the second year on, the time has picked up immensely. Of course it helps when someone other than myself cares about this (you folks, the Nickelonians), but also that I have had the continued interest in keeping this running for all of us, though not in the form I'd necessarily hope for. May we all eat, drink, and be merry today and every day so that we can be enlightened in our efforts. Here's to five wonderful years and the start of a sixth!

Best Regards,                  
Richard F. (Ricky) Mazella II
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