31 January 2013

The Best Birthday Date in Baseball

Jackie Robinson. Ernie Banks. Nolan Ryan. These three players of baseball immortality cannot be overlooked on this thirty-first of January. A whole month is winding down in 2013 and so far, it's been a breeze. With Valentines Day just two weeks away, the new year is setting in. Below is the Google Doodle from today.

Courtesy of: Google


30 January 2013

A look at the 90s

The 90s in the MLB saw futuristic looks in the latter half or this decade, the NHL saw major expansion  and the first set of alternate jerseys. The NBA saw the most recent throwback collection come to life with that Suns jersey that spanned well into the early 2000s. But February 1 will see the start of the remaining throwbacks including Indiana, Chicago, Sacramento, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Miami. The first two of those are the expectees for the aforementioned date.


29 January 2013

That Tie Template

It's here as expected, the first tie template has been released. Determining how the best way to format it was tricky. I figured the it would be easy for people to play around with their programs except for Microsoft Paint-ers. For that reason I decided not to use a knotted template. This way, both sides are usable in "standing up" design.

Bland yes, but simple yet effective. I hope you can utilize this to your best opportunities and I hope to get a chance to get one up for the post while I am in Syracuse on the 10th of February.


28 January 2013

2nd Generation Kits

So I got the upgrades a little earlier than I anticipate, I then assume the next will be quite a while. But I have since updated my club's kit alignment.

After a while I wanted to incorporate more brown, so I took the opportunity to do so with the keeper kits. this was to better compliment the home and road kits. for a time, the runner home and roads were just the opposite to start. I  changed it because of how they looked during match play.


27 January 2013

New Teams, New Uniforms

I started a new soccer application today and it has us create jerseys. There are only two types at first and then you unlock the remaining two. I will show those soon enough. The plain jerseys are runner shirts and the colored sleeved ones are for goalkeepers.

Plain, I know but it's better than having pennies or playing a "skins" game. It works for now.


26 January 2013

New Helmets,Too

Well I decided to split things up and show the new Spokane Shock helmets today! Pretty spiffy if you ask me. It is a very modern stylized verion of the logo, which has not been updated but rather an alternate introduced when they entered from the af2 in 2010.

Courtesy of: Zach Edwards' Facebook page

This is a prefect modernization of the original logo, but isn't too fancy (like the new New Orleans "Pelicans" logo - I like the colors though). It ties in well with team recognition and I applaud them for it.


25 January 2013

Spokane Shock

Spokane showing their threads seems similar to something else we've seen . . .

 . . . Perhaps the Bandits uniforms?

I've notice posting problems lately . . . minor issue.


24 January 2013

Ties, Ties, and More Ties

I'm trying to see whether or not tie designing will be popular on the BNG blog. Whether or not there is participation, I will continue to put up content featuring ties. In a little while, I will get a template up for at least neck ties and see how it goes from there. With luck forward!


23 January 2013

Midweek Again

I found out I will be working on an Around the horn type in-class assignment in one of my classes. Thus I have begun to create a background and invent gimmicks such as Woody Paige's chalkboard (see my whiteboard below).

The original header can be seen in our Octobrian post
I will add more as these projects are completed!


22 January 2013

Game Changers

I've changed my mind as I feel that replicating currently existing uniforms is counterproductive.Today is a day for myself since it is the only day between the Hoophall and the first day of classes. enjoy the free day!


21 January 2013

Hoophall Day Four

My team (New Hampton) lost yesterday finalizing this year's record to 2-1. Day four went something like this:

  1. Tilton Rams def. Vermont Academy Wildcats 71-67 | Men's
  2. Brewster Bobcats def. South Kent School Cardinals 88-57 | Men's
  3. St. Benedict's Prep Gray Bees def. Montrose Christian Mustangs 63-51 | Men's
  4. (5) Huntington Prep Express def. New Hampton School Huskies 55-47 | Men's
  5. Worcester Academy Hilltoppers def. Wilbraham & Monson Academy Titans 69-62 | Men's

Meanwhile I stopped by the Springfield Armor booth and got to take a look at something.

Pretty good for a high school tournament. The best if the rest tomorrow!


20 January 2013

NHL Lockout Officially Over with First Games

Thirteen games were scheduled for yesterday and that included my Ducks thwarting Vancouver 7-3 at the Rogers Arena. The first televised game starts on NBC in a half an hour with my Eastern Conference team and hometown Buffalo at the First Niagara Center to play the visiting Flyers. The Buffalo Bandits also won their game in Rochester, spoiling the Knighthawks championship banner raising ceremony 14-13 in a back and forth affair. That means a two-way tie for second between Toronto and the Bandits in the East at 2-1 with Philly 2-0 and title holders Rochester 0-2.

Meanwhile the Spalding Hoophall Classic resumed as my team yesterday St. Rita of Chicago soundly defeated Lake Clifton of Baltimore 71-50 I also have most of the final results from the first three days. Honorary home team is in bold

Day 1:

  1. Sabis Charter Bulldogs def. South Hadley Tigers (score not yet available) | Men's
  2. Lenox Memorial Millionaires at Smith Academy Falcons (score not yet available) | Men's
  3. Quaboag Regional Cougars def. Lee Wildcats 55-51 | Women's
  4. St. Mary's (Lynn, MA) Spartans def. Sabis Charter Bulldogs 36-54 | Women's
Day 2:
  1. Renaissance Phoenix def. Belchertown Orioles (score not yet available) | Men's
  2. South Hadley Tigers def. Granby Rams 39-38 | Women's
  3. Springfield (OR) Millers* def. Braintree Wamps 51-47  | Women's
  4. Roger L. Putnam Technical Beavers def. HS of Sci. & Tech. Cybercats 64-69 | Men's
  5. Springfield Central (MA) Golden Eagles def. West Springfield (MA) Terriers 76-67 | Men's
Day 3:

  1. A. Lincoln (Brooklyn) Railsplitters^ def. Capital Prep. Magnet Trailblazers 95-68  | Men's
  2. St. Rita Mustangs def. Lake Clifton Lakers 71-50 | Men's
  3. (3) Whitney Young Dolphins def. (9) Long Beach Poly Jack Rabbits 85-52 | Men's
  4. Chester Clippers def. (20) Gonzaga College HS Eagles 63-55 | Men's
  5. Springfield Central (MA) Golden Eagles def. Manchester (CT) Indians 67-57 | Men's

*Top female prospect Mercedes Russell (Committed to Univ. of Tennessee)
^Replaced St. Joseph's (Pittsfield, MA) Crusaders {out with flu}

The remaining games will be covered in the following days.


19 January 2013

A Chi-town Kinda Team

So I have a team (St. Rita) based in Chicago, who play later today, but the game before them featured Abraham Lincoln High of Brooklyn, NY taking place of St. Joseph's (MA) who could no longer part-take out with the flu. I got to see their jerseys and due to policy could not take pictures of any kind as a volunteer. I did find some online however.

Courtesy of: Black Sports Online.com
Courtesy of: MSG Varsity
I didn't actually see the warm ups, but I thought it would be good to display. I'll be back with today's results.


18 January 2013

Quaboag Regional High School

My team from last night improved to 10-0 on the season with a comeback victory following a double digit deficit for most of the third quarter. Located from between Worcester and Springfield, MA, this game began the toughest portion of the Lady Cougars' schedule as they played Lee High School (MA). A fairly defensive team, QRH showed their prowess and held Lee to exactly nine points per quarter in the second half.

                   1       2       3       4   -  F

Cougars     17     10     10     18  -  55
Wildcats     17     16      9       9   -  51

I have off today, but I have been called in for a team who has a one hour practice after winning their game yesterday with a road game tomorrow.


17 January 2013

Hoophall or Bust

Sorry if it seems like I am ignoring you the next few days, but I will be busy working the largest high school basketball tournament in the country starting today, so I will be putting stuff up from it.

The Hoophall Classic

The above link is to the main page. I'm supposed to provide my services for some pretty decent teams, so I'm very much looking forward to this!


16 January 2013

Send in the Clowns

As party time is upon us at BNG, we get set to finalize preparations for tomorrow. There are some stipulations that prevent certain things as I work the 2013 Hoophall Tournament this weekend. However these would have no impact on the actual festivities. Nothing will have any major significance so things will be business as usual.

I am configuring tomorrow's topic so I will be back then.


15 January 2013

Changing Time

For anyone who wishes to realign  the divisions of a given league are now free to do so, This however will not be featured on the templates page so save the below image so you won't have to go back to this post later.

Please note that tomorrow, I will be unveiling the logo for my 21st birthday preparations and celebrations that follow.


14 January 2013

An Ode to the Past

This post appears blank as I prepare to complete the concepts from while I was abroad. You however can enjoy this day with whatever you wish. All complements of me. :D


13 January 2013

Another Field Day at the Sabres Store

So I went to the Buffalo Bandits home opener and took the opportunity to get my own up close look at the new unis. I could have gotten the NHL jerseys, but that would have taken too much time for one trip. I even got Rochester Americans gear in (but not form close range).

Unlike traditional use, the colors are now reversed (again), meaning that black will be worn at home again. Although it has been flip-flopped as to having been back and forth the past few seasons.


12 January 2013

Pennants and Banners

So I figured, why can't we add templates for banners and templates? That was an epiphany, this can be the start of jersey design as a background may eventually be translated onto a jersey.

Courtesy of Flag and Banner

Courtesy of Martin Family Living

Little did I remember, this idea had value when we first started out last May, but it made it's way back onto our radar - and here it is.


11 January 2013

Marlins Park

This was the only other good part of the portion of the trip in Florida other than the Everglades. This does include a trip to Sunrise to the BB&T Center as well as Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens and the American Airlines Arena downtown. But I found something that spawned an idea for tomorrow.

The official store at Marlins Park (sponsored by New Era) was having a sale on all inaugural season at the ballpark items. Check back tomorrow to see what will be up!


10 January 2013

Fantasy NLL, Week Two

Don't forget that if you so desire, we are holding a fantasy league for the National Lacrosse League. Registration for week two will close in a little over 28 hours. You can register late without fee. However do be advised that registration at the link below is also free. This is the first week of full league action and some teams may play twice in a given week (please read rules on site).

NLL Fantasy Box Lacrosse

Also the link to the BNG League is provided below upon the completion of account and team registration.

Eagle Professional Box Lacrosse League

Glad to be of service, we await a few things from my trip.


09 January 2013

Black and Purple or Blue and Orange

Baltimore and Denver are our final two competitors this coming weekend as the focus for today and the remainder of the playoffs will be whether or not this will be the last professional game Ray Lewis will participate. For that alone, this would be the big one - at least this week.


08 January 2013

More Birds!

Seattle and Atlanta will have their own clash this coming weekend as they prepare to duke it out. Atlanta has the bye with the best record in the NFC (and the league) meanwhile Seattle did beat Washington on Sunday night. This would be the match of the week, but I think there is a reason why it is not, thata you will find out why tomorrow.


07 January 2013

You Can't Re-light a Match

Okay, so weknow the whole playoff bracket for the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs. But today, we only cover one of the remaining three. The Texans will get their chance to go back to New England to take on the Patriots. The Pats came out of this match up victorious last time, snapping Houston's then six game winning streak. Houston had lost three of its last four thus losing a first round bye and New England following up a blowout shutout of Miami. This game will surely be different from the first.


06 January 2013

Divisions, Divisons . . .

We have prepared or the results of all four contests as we will begin with one of the four battles from next week, starting with Green Bay at San Fransisco, the later game on Saturday. San Fransisco earned the bye by winning their final game of the season. Thye could have gotten it the weak before against Seattle, however lsot  by a rather unusual scoreline. Green Bay however, is enjoying their first home playoff win in their last three attempts.


05 January 2013

Cowboys and Indians . . .

This for me is the big match up of the weekend in Wild Card football. The Seahawks are in the nation's Capitol to take on the Redskins. The fact that Green Bay and Minnesota played last week (the final of the regular season) is why the battle in the Capitol jumps ahead of them. The Seahawks final game of the season saw them come back down to earth with a one possession victory, where the 'Skins are looking to come off of another strong performance as they finfished the regular season with seven consecutive victories themselves. Their most recent win was, by the way, the Cowboys - the last team the DC team lost (in week 9with a bye the following week). Seattle's five consecutive wins were predominantly lopsided (Bills, Cardinals, 49ers) compared to the games against St. Louis and Chicago (overtime at Soldier Field).


04 January 2013


We have a great rivalry in the Packers and Vikings, but Lambeau Field gets another chance to play a role in postseason history. Adrian Peterson for the Mall of America Field tennants has had a stellar season coming back from injury. I want to see their team do well against the cheese-heads and win the league for him.

Sorry for the lack of pictures for the weeks worth of posts (up to Thursday the 10th). I hadn't remembered to upload the necessary concepts for the corresponding posts while I am away from the Notheastern United States.


03 January 2013

Football and Bengals and Texans (Oh My)

So the pictures forthis are "too large" to be put up so they will be updated when I get back from Florida and the Bahamas as my family celebrates my aunt's 40th birthday on Saturday.

The Texans still get to host, but they are the third seed instead of first after losing to Indy to end the regular season (and New England and Denver wins). However, the Bengals went on a surge and with a Week 15 win, surely secured a playoff spot for themselves with Pittsburgh, New York (Jets), San Diego, Cleveland, and Buffalo all losing to eliminate most of those teams, then beating the Steel City Boys the week after to clinch.


02 January 2013

Baltimore Past Versus Baltimore Present

As much as this rivalry is among the overlooked, I still believe it to be the worst of match ups this Wild Card weekend. The Colts can be a thorn in the Ravens' side this week, but every rose has it's thorn and the birds from M&T Bank Stadium will get the home victory.

I'm still debating on numbers and names, I think I'll pass for now, but it isn't going to be ruled out. The last game has been scheduled for last and seems to be the most entertaining, so they will appear on Friday. Aside from that, I may save the rivalry for Thursday. So I guess you should expect Cincinnati and Houston for tomorrow.


01 January 2013

Ringing in Our First New Year

2013 is upon us, and at BNG, the old year came out with a bang, I got my rectification as a US Soccer Federation official! But no matter, we decided to talk about the new Batting Practice caps in the MLB. You can also read about them on the CCSLC blog via the following link.

MLB Batting Practice Caps

Using the playoff format from this past year, we will determine which is the best . . . Keep in mind that: all caps are provided by Chris Creamer, except for Cincinnati (I had to make the black version from the red one) and New York (the NL East was courtesy of ESPN). All other logos used here also come from Chris Creamer's site.

If the format wasn't like this, these would still be my ten "playoff" teams. But lets say I got to do my own seeding. I would have had the Mets as the 2nd NL Wild Card, but the East needed a division winner. Baltimore and Cleveland would have swapped places in the AL had there not needed to be a central winner to take one of the top three. With those scenarios, The Twinkies would've beaten the Tribe and the Brew Crew besting the Metropolitans. The Twins would then lose to the Jays who would play the O-Birds who defeated the Athletics. In the NL, The Giants will face Milwaukee who beat Cincinnati after a resounding momentum boost from the Mets match up.

The Baysiders do what Milwaukee did to the Redlegs by beating Milwaukee as a result of the vigor produced from their previous match up. The Battle of Birds in this case of American League Championship Series involved Beltway birds and Blue Jays,  the latter of which being the victors. That set up a World Series between recent Interleague Powerhouse San Fransisco versus newly crowned contenders Toronto.  The  Rogers Center team  managed to beat their last orange and black foes in the  ALCS but a reversal of color does the trick and puts the boys who started at the Polo Grounds to the top.

That's a wrap to open 2013. I'm attempting to bring football templates back as I will unveil the first NFL Wild Card round game participants uniforms tomorrow.

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