27 September 2014

The Glimmer Up the River

As my designs for the Victoria River have been approved, I have begun working on my promotional campaign. While I'm on the subject, the approving commissioner is "loving the ochre" color scheme. The team song will be next, but first, the initial teaser.

I wanted to remind everyone that eagles gather in a convocation as well as that we we'll be the boss in this league (good propaganda, eh?). Because we don't know anything about the start date of the league and assuming we'll be announced the day after being due - a week from tomorrow - I decided that that would be more appropriate that the first game anyway. There you have it and keep an eagle eye on that club song!


24 September 2014

More Jumble in Jabiru

I was remiss to include a heritage jumper for the Victoria River Eagles submission I posted recently. But the entire thing will be submitted by tomorrow, a week and a half before the deadline. Here's the updated version:

Okay - I know the lace-up is questionable near the collar, but keep in mind, this is not an actual lace-up and is merely screen printed as appears to be how uniforms are made (given the one that recently came in from my favorite pro team's store seems to be just that). This edition also includes the required sponsor logos that I intentionally with-held from you in addition to not having yet decided on a sponsor at that point. So here it is. Bask in its glory?


21 September 2014

Thank You, Destroyers!

A little while back, I found somebody selling Buffalo Destroyers helmets on Ebay. I may have actually bought one except for the fact the charge was $300. I think it was game worn. Anyway, here's another peek into some of my childhood as arena football was just being introduced to Western New York in 1999.

I can't tell you how great it feels to see such memorabilia. I still miss them, (and the Blizzard) ever so dearly.


20 September 2014

Disney Hits HJC

I wasn't a particularly happy camper when only my laptop was available to me at that moment when I was going to submit this into HJC's most recent contest. Then, it failed to send after repeated attempts. I actually had several ideas, only two of which survived, a Mickie Mouse themed one and the one you see below.

A lot of my younger cousins watch their fair share of Disney Channel shows and original movies. Then I thought of how high schools make up a good amount of the identities in their content. The series Liv & Maddie (Ridgewood High) along with the movie Hatching Pete (Brewster High) seem to have the most presence in recent years as far as their basketball programs are concerned. I then took it upon me to give them both hockey teams for the purpose of this competition. Well, these programs might be on the rise . . .

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