31 August 2016

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, For Better or For Worse

As of earlier today, this is what we have to show you as only one area KeyBank Center is currently up. We are only part of the way done with just over a month to opening day of the 2016-17 NHL season. Here is the progress of the changeover from First Niagara Center to KeyBank Center. But the old rustic-looking door overhangs with the stampeding buffalo are gone and are expected to never return (unfortunately).

Nothing pretty, but we'll be tracking it as best we can over the coming days and weeks, which is when it should be done. I do not expect to see new lights that say the arena name since it took so long for that process to be removed. From what is understood, especially that you cannot view where the signage was because of Harbor Center, it will not only not light up but also will be smaller and to the left of the original spot than it has been in the past. Keep checking in to see what's happening.


27 August 2016

First Key Niagara Bank Center Update

As I was passing by the arena along the I-190 yesterday, I did the same as I have when I'd pass for the past few weeks. But today was different - the main signage at the top of the arena read "FIRST NIA____ _______" though minor "KeyBank Center" signage had been installed prior to this revelation. There's a little over a month for it to be done, so this is pretty much last minute considering it should've started when the announcement saying the deal was finalized was made. We'll follow this further for at least the next week (depending on how my grad process goes). Just for clarification, the picture was taken while stopped at the Scott and Washington traffic light.


26 August 2016

Don't Get into the Piranha Pool

Though it has been unknown throughout much of the week, I have gained ownership to another fantasy football team in another fantasy football league. I have in this instance assumed the identity of the Arena Football League's former Anaheim Piranhas. I was given the team by the commissioner from another person no longer competing and was allowed up to three franchise tags, all of whom are "modelling" the below uniforms I've produced for my team.

Notice that I've pulled a Dallas Cowboys and am going with home whites. But instead of also wearing them on the road, the roads will be worn when the home team is not wearing a dark color. In such an event, the alternates would be worn in place of the roads. Again, these won't be even manufactured, but for the entertainment of it there is a plan of action so to speak. As for the original Piranhas of '98, I had an uncle that moved to Orange County in California well before that and he made the first cut of tryouts for the team's first season, but all of those got cut in favor of players from the recently folded short-lived Professional Indoor Football League. He now works as an Engineer for Nissan, but in his youth built a Dodge Charger from scratch and painted it to look like the "General Lee" from the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard which he still owns. He, just like others, would still probably had other full-time jobs even if he was playing in that era of arena football. But still, playing football as a part-time job isn't bad either... This selection was in part because of that story, though I knew of that team when they actually were still an active franchise. Have fun in this season for drafting playing fantasy football, and maybe putting your own logos and uniforms together too.


07 August 2016

The Effin' Center is Getting Another Facelift

As of yesterday, one of my sources was around Canalside and has alerted us that the signage is coming down following last month's closing of KeyBank's acquisition of First Niagara. Keeping in mind I am quarter of the way around the world, All I have is what maybe one of the last photos of FNC signage before work began yesterday. As many know, it will keep "Center" as the location following the sponsor's name.I plan to stop by next week Monday. Until then, the Macedonian First League has four matches today one of which I will be attending at the time of this post. Should be about halftime. You'll get to see some of that shortly.

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