19 March 2017

Go Time

As part of the trohpy catalogue for my fantasy hockey league, I didn't want to use any old ESPN generated image. And while I thought about a photo from a trophy-making company, I decided to stick with one of the best trophies in sports: I'll let you see which one in particular for yourself in a second. I am expecting to cap of the season with a win to decide whether it is I or my opponent who gets our version of the President's Trophy. I am up 85 points and appear to be in control, barring a miracle to reverse the result.

Yes, the Calder Cup is the tankard in question. The Brier Tankard and the Philip Anschutz Trophy (aka MLS Cup) both contend in this category just to name some. As it were, this was not chosen because it is a hockey trophy, but rather the multi-tiered-ness that the other two do not have pronounced. I'm looking forward to all of this, having won 12 of my last 13, so that is great news.

07 March 2017


The following is a submission for the Australian Association of Basketball competition run by NM_Mitchell on Big Footy. The rules were as follows:
You are to design 3 or 4 uniform combinations, home, road, alternate and an optional second alternate. 
Your home kit must be primarily white. 
Your road kit must not be primarily white. 
Your alternate kit may not be related to charity, sponsors or any other theme. It is strictly an alternate kit. You must tell me how often you would like to wear this kit(s), it (they) must be worn at least twice (each), 51% of home games must be in home uniforms, and 51% of road games must be in road uniforms. You can also decide if it's (they're) only used in home games, road games, inter-conference games, or whatever you'd like.
You must design a home court to be used in a once-off round. 
Sponsor logos are optional, however, will be restricted to the same standards the NBA will be next year, a small manufacturer logo on the left facing breast, and a small sponsor on the right facing breast. 
League logo does not have to be on the kits. 
Kits must consist of a jersey and shorts. 
Shooting sleeves and jersey sleeves are optional. 
You must have a logo, however, it does not have to be original.
  • All kits are due by the 26th of March before midnight Melbourne time. Anything later than that risks losing points or being left out altogether.

So with that in mind, I did what I felt necessary to my bid for the Launceston ThunderSalmon. Launceston is known for both hydroelectricity and salmon, hence the name. Because many shades of salmon are between red and pink, I felt navy blue would be the best complimentary color with gold/yellow accents. Naturally, the logo had to be original since there is no such thing as a "thunder salmon" known to exist. As visible, we had our pre-release trailer.

I tried a new basketball template (one that I personally hadn't used before) since I've been looking for a friendly version that wasn't the one archived on this site. The court in particular was fun. Then again, the court is always the best element of basketball concepts, so take it as you will. anyway. Have fun taking this in.

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