31 March 2013

The Swans Return to Albert Park Lake

This one was a pretty sensible concept whit the merger of St. Kilda and Sydney. South Melbourne's faithful will now unite with St. Kilda as their teams compete as one. Sydney then St. Kilda respectively, had won the last two premierships prior to their merger for 1998.


Simple, but understandable. The "Y cross" as it will become known, wouldn't see similar success until 2009, where they became minor premiers and won the flag to accomplish the double. They would also be grand finalists in 2014, losing to Geelong.


30 March 2013

From Rags to Richmond

That's the story with Essendon whore were good but financially unstable, whilst Tigers were wealthy but not very good. When Richmond and the Bombers merged, it would create a superpower and not the one anticipated with the proposed merger between the West Coast and Hawthorn going under. Two years following the merger would signify a dynasty for the ages with the club winning both the major and minor premierships in 1999, 2000, and 2001.


The bottom of the three is intended as a clash, that way the home is never worn for road games and likewise for the converse.


29 March 2013

First Look at the Brisbane Demons

So Brisbane would go on to have identity crises following their merge with Melbourne. The following only lasts five seasons starting in 1994. There would be two changes before the branding becomes a mainstay.


The "wide v" featured in the Brisbane Bears final crest is featured on the jumper instead of the trademark Melbourne (filled) "wide v" but based predominantly on Melbourne's colors.


28 March 2013

The Road from Footscray to Fitzroy

So the Bulldogs need a clash jumper from their move to Fitzroy. All in all, their jumpers won't change more than once until their move to Canberra in 2009.

You'll notice the gold stripe is no longer outlined by white and the red and blue swap places. The socks change to accommodate the jersey.


27 March 2013

Clashing in Carlton

I decided recently that the AFL merger concepts were missing something, at least the ones that I used for the timeline. I realized the teams each need clash jumpers, that in turn will also mean older clubs may update their image, so we will change along with it and re-brand their look. we'll start with Carlton and work our way from there over the next little while.

Here is the clash for the original logo when the team merged. We will be coming back to the Carltion Kangaroos as other teams get unveiled.


26 March 2013

BNG Concept of the Year

We are announcing a contest open to the public in helping me determine which of my concepts you thought were best dressed, or best executed, or whatever you wished to help celebrate our first anniversary early in May! I will also be gathering feedback from offline to gather their opinions. It would be great to review and I will be selecting an automatically monthly candidate from my opinion. Tomorrow I will release a ballot for that you can send completed to our e-mail address in jpg from. Become a part of BNG history and vote, vote, vote!


25 March 2013

Don't Acquit, Please Submit

Please keep in mind to send concepts to me too. You have a valued talent that we would love to display here. The Buffalo/Western New York is the gateway of the Northeast to the USA, so don't be bashful. You are also welcome to comment, just be mindful of the restrictions listed above the comment box. We want you to become a part of the BNG community! We would like to continue adding to our "Guest Concepts" portfolio tab and make you get the treatment you deserve as concept artists!


24 March 2013

What's in a Soft Drink Name?

I really got nothing for you. I just wanted something different to put up so I had something to share with you.

Courtesy: Matthew T. Campbell

Have fun with this. Really.


23 March 2013

Project Runway: Landrov Air

So I started my own airline through a Facebook application called Airline Manager. It is completely fictional, but I anticipate to have fun with it. This is our look.

It was worth a shot. I need something new to design over my spring break, let is start with this. My vacation is winding up though.


22 March 2013

A Lack of Stars

There was no NLL All-Star Game this year, but I had back ups to the original logo I drew up for the event prior to the release of the actual one.

Just a pair of concepts to play around with, too bad I didn't get through to anyone in charge.


21 March 2013

Ol' Snake Eyes

I put this together a while ago but never put it up for some strange reason . . . Anyone wonder why the "Snake-Eyes" logo disappeared from the Stealth brand? One thing is for sure - I don't know. I wasn't too fond of it, but it is better than having the outline of a state as the logo. I decided to bring it back as the new primary logo for the Washington Stealth.

What I wound up doing was taking the script and putting it front of a separate image of Ol' Snake Eyes which is in front of the cross-hair. The catch is that Ol' Snake Eyes is facing the opposite way of the San Jose version. There - that looks more sophisticated!


20 March 2013

Will They Finish Ninth (Again)?

They didn't finish ninth on the AFL ladder last season, but they've done it quite a bit in the last two or three decades. Richmond hadn't changed their logo when I put this together. But I not only got the leaked logo, but I also altered it to get a potential back view of the logo.

I thought it was a good idea then but at the same time it could've been better looking back at it now. In turn, I was just getting this graphic design thing started. This was well over a year before I launched BNG, so I was definitely swimming in shallow water.


19 March 2013

My Trophy Case

They may not belong to me but the US has been very intriguing to follow as a sport country. My teams' accomplishments are as follows.

This is only for the Big 7 (the "Big 4", MLS - not won, AFL, and NLL). I would love to add the rest of the world to this, and that will come in time. but this will have to do.


18 March 2013

Ode to Dr. Flynn

Our current President, Richard B. Flynn, will be leaving Springfield College and retiring from higher education effective August 31, 2013. I had found a picture of a blank version of the main wall in our campus union (which was dedicated in his honor). There is a mural on this wall which was painted on it, but I put something else on it in January of 2011.

This photo is a recognizable one on campus as the President has his suit coat hung over his shoulder. But I think campus would get a good laugh about this. It is understood that there may be a new mural on the wall for the next academic year. Wouldn't it be funny if this wound up on it . . .


17 March 2013

Knocking Out a World Record

Well, we didn't break the record. We didn't even come close, in fact. The below was made for this event. Preety decent for something in MS Paint . . . but that was before I discovered Paint.Net.

Just a though to put it out in the open.


16 March 2013

Opposing Viewpoints

Through the looking glass of an AFL umpire's itinerary.


15 March 2013

NAB Cup Winner Fresh Off the Presses

Brisbane Lions win their first pre-season cup. Carlton losses the battle of the undefeateds.


12 March 2013

Mammoth Back in the Deep Freeze

It's always hit or miss from one season to another with Colorado, but the Mammoth currently have the worst record in the NLL with just two wins. At the same time, eight out of nine teams make the postseason.

This may look similar to a Colorado Avalanche concept from my past. It somewhat is. I also wanted to emphasize Colorado blue as an unofficial color in the schematics as I don't think they can pull off a black or gray alternate again.


11 March 2013

The Slump of the Champions

Rochester has not done very well so far for a title-holder. They need to step up if they want even a shot to advance out of the first round.

I brought back the teal alternate from the late 90s/early 00s obviously revamped to fit the current stitching patterns. These alternates were arguably the best jersey in that era. I would really like to see them back for a K-Hawks anniversary season.


10 March 2013

Swarming in the Middle

Minnesota is generally your run of the mill team  at least in the standings. They don't bomb out but they don't wow you either. This is kind of like Boston except the Swarm's brand of lacrosse is much more appealing in my opinion. They have their good runs that pop in and out and can get hot. The only thing is that they can't win in the playoffs, primarily thanks to Buffalo during their tenure in the East Division.

I wanted a jersey that made it look like the team is flying in the air when they wear the jerseys. As I noted in the concept. the armpits are used to appear wing-like in form. For clarity, red was used in the background to clash with the blue, yellow, and silver. Plus the fact it was the only primary color not used by the Swarm was an additional reason.


09 March 2013

Rushing this Post . . . NOT!

I had an interesting time with this one. Edmonton's best jerseys in their short but unusual tenure have been their third jerseys.  But I am unfortunately disappointed that anything on those third jerseys are not actually alternate logos. So I took the never seen Harry Potter capital lettering that is not the "h" and "p" from the book covers.

I wanted the striping from their recent alternates, but this was the closest I wanted so I chose the striping from the Winnipeg Jets with minor alterations. But when you have little to work with, this is what I tried to muster up.


08 March 2013

Ducks Follow Duarte Approach

POST 4: How do the lessons of Resonate text connect or correspond to growing forms of social media? In other words, are any of the techniques suggested by Resonate used within the social media platforms utilized by the sport organization you have studied?

In the text Resonate by Nancy Duarte, there is mention of transparency by an individual or group. That is broken down further into three categories, only two of which are relevant: being honest and being unique. The third is not compromising, but the communication is mostly one way until any of the activities actually occur. The general idea is not to allow for the community to influence the organizations objectives. This doesn’t mean that there can be no interaction with the community in regards to receiving and giving feedback on certain motives and ideas.

In the idea of honesty, there really is nothing to be honest about unless the players make some statement regarding a personal matter that is brought to the media’s attention. Besides which, most of the posts, photos, and videos that appear on the page following the completion of an event give an extra pair of eyes to the non attending audience by giving them part of the experience and to summarize what happened. If something was not honest (in the traditional sense) in social media, it’s hard to take back something with false information without being seen by many people. Fortunately the Ducks organization has a fantastic reputation for their special access and personable approach to provide an honest image.

The uniqueness is really what separates the Anaheim Ducks franchise is the uniqueness. They promote their team through other mediums within the social media realm. This includes their team charity foundation, the Power Players ice dancers, and especially mascot Wild Wing – specifically on Facebook. You don’t typically see too many mascots with many pictures of their “appearances” quite like Wild Wing, collegiate or professional. In fact, Wild Wing’s page has been on Facebook since the start of the Ducks 2010/11 season. The organizations page has been up since the 2009 off-season, the Ducks Foundation (founded in 2008) joined this past off season prior to the NHL labor dispute , and the Power Players circa midseason 2009/10 (January) which was their first season.

Despite being new to some of these social media platforms, the Ducks franchise has quickly been able to learn and utilize them well. But each of the above cross promote what the others are doing. This well helps get the word to Duck fans in the form of repetition. This does not take away for being able to distinguish themselves from the other professional and semiprofessional hockey clubs in such a short period of time to the audience outside of the Southern California area in an honest and professional manner. 

07 March 2013

Winging It

I wanted to see what I could do with this one as I had difficulty in a selection of jersey type. No matter, I found something that I deemed suitable for the Wings of Philadelphia.

That leaves the final blog post for my class tomorrow and we continue with Edmonton on Saturday!


06 March 2013

Ducks Cook Rather Than Being Cooked

POST 2: Which athletes in this organization reach out to fans? What are their specific messages? Give examples. How does this communication affect the organization in a positive way? What do you think the organization hopes will be the effect of their communication?

Generally, all of the athletes have been involved with the Ducks main charitable affiliate Children’s’ Hospital of Orange County (CHOC Children’s). Recently there was a fundraiser, the 13th annual Dux in Tux presented by Honda, which helps raise funds for the Anaheim Ducks Foundation. Along with famous local chefs, some Duck players became sous chefs for a day while others had various other responsibilities throughout the event.

The players take their community involvement very seriously. Veteran Duck Teemu Selanne has been known for wanting to teach physical education following his playing career in order to give back to the community for their support of the team. Often when the three stars of the game are announced at the Honda Center, it is not atypical that you will see any of the Duck players hand or toss their used equipment to fans as souvenirs when being recognized.

Since its inception, the Ducks (formerly the Mighty Ducks then owned by the Disney Corporation) have been very good with fan interaction as character of their parent ownership. Even under the new ownership, this has continued as it keeps the organization in good standing with the fans and community. Even in difficult times in the organization, you will always hear about these such positive interactions with the greater Anaheim area and beyond. Through this, the organization knows that their impact around town will be unheralded among other hockey clubs in the NHL due to their continuous commitment and belief in their fan base.

Oh . . . and Happy Birthday, Dad!

05 March 2013

Stealth Bombers or Knighthawks

The K-hawks will be around later, but today we focus on Washington. I decided to go the checkered Predators look on this one. The jerseys in this franchise have by far not been the best in the league since moving to San Jose from Albany. I'm even surprised when they moved to the Seattle area that they dropped the 'snake eyes" logo. Now they have a pretty bad outline of the state of Washington as their logo - that's just not right.

I do not think the state logo has ever been nor ever will be strong enough as a primary logo. I'd have brought back ol' snake eyes but the checkering clashes with the logo being put on the jersey. There it is, four down, five to go - tomorrow, blog post three of four as a part of my communications in sport mini series.


04 March 2013

Rigging Oilers

Yes I'm referring to the Calgary Roughnecks, also known as the Riggers - or simply the 'Necks. Oilers comes from the similarity in terminology between oilers and roughnecks, hence the use of the modern Edmonton Oilers style hockey jerseys. The Rush will not be using Calgarian style hockey jerseys to the theme of the Flames.

Courtesy of: NLL

I was able to exactly replicate numbers and the alternate logo from appearance as it is not available online. This was a fun one to do, and got to see the new black alternates Saturday night with the Toth likeness on the back with the players' actual numbers on the sleeves.


03 March 2013

The Den of Thieves

I felt the need to start a series after I did the Toronto Rock jerseys. From there, seeing as they had the league's best record, I decided that the order should be determined by record prior to this past Thursday. That means Buffalo is next. I took the Rochester Knighthawks approach with this, except the color scheme makes it look much better - in fact, they look more like a college's jersey set than professional.

In fact, It almost looks like it could be Buffalo State College, but the purple helps take that away and there is no "state" association either. Originally the design on the alternate was to be used on the home and road, but I liked it on the black so much that it became the crest on just the alternate.


02 March 2013

Harlem Shaking It

Eevrybody must surely have heard of the world sensation known as the Harlem Shake. Well at last night's Buffalo Bandits game, the team had one replayed between the brief quarter-time intermission. I filmed it and posted it to YouTube almost immediately. Their official YouTube page then released the good one today.

I'd share it on here, but It doesn't show up in the YouTube search feature as it doesn't show more than ten videos in the search part. I'm at least kind enough to provide the link to the one on the official page.  I happened to find one the Buffalo Bisons put out in the same search.

In the Bandits one I only recognize the starting goalie Anthony Cosmo (#44), Rax the Racoon, and anthem Kevin Kennedy (in his one of his trademark Bandit-colored suits). Back up gaolie Kurtis Wagar may be the leader with the goalie mask on his head, but the leader is not holding a goalie crosse, but a regular one. The only possibly noticeable player might be Mark Steenhuis with his long golden mane.

In the Bisons one, only the mascots specifically the leader - Chip (1/2). The racing mascots are celery, bleu cheese, chicken wing, and recently added hot wing. I think they were a dumb addition to our branding, still do.


01 March 2013

Rocking Out on the Ice

I recently came up with the idea of converting NLL brands onto hockey jerseys. I will be doing them from best record to worst with based on the standings as of this morning. The idea came about when I thought about how similar some Nashville Predators concepts could go well with those of the NLL's Toronto Rock, who lost to the Buffalo Bandits in (to my knowledge) a rare if not the only Thursday night game ever in league history. The win doesn't change the standings because the overall seeding is not affected just the fact that Buffalo is now within a half game of Toronto. Else-wise Buffalo still has the second best and Toronto the best record in the league.

I figure that I had might as well do a series if I'm going to start in the first place. This is leading the way for Major League Lacrosse hockey jerseys and ultimately an MLL/general lacrosse jersey template. That however will have to wait.

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