10 October 2016

Here I Go Again On My Own

It's the third week in a row, second since my return to BigFooty, that my club is celebrating a milestone. One of our females, username Wooshette, is also doing her 200th "match" for her career. As expected, more banners.

Locker Room Side (aka the back)
Field side (aka the front)

I found out that I had the front and back can actually be determined. I just have been doing so the opposite. Note the start and end of Autumn Wind as made famous by NFL Films with John Facienda's iconic voice and Sam Spence's musical composition of The Raiders. An autumn wind? Appropriate for Canadian Thanksgiving and Columbus Day today (which I hope those who get to enjoy will do so).


07 October 2016

A Warrior To and Fro

I kind of needed somewhere to put the below images. In footy down under, you man see banners the players run through before each game with new weekly words of encouragement done by season ticket holders, much like tifos in soccer. Well we have an Aussie rules game simulator using only numbers, which then feeds a "play-by-play" of an actual game. Our friends at BigFooty have a league just for people who want to "be a player" in the league. One of which is the former captain (our first) of my only team, by the username of Frankston Rover, is in his "200th game". He came from another team as our team expanded into the league as did some others. I am one of the few who remain from the teams' first season, also my first overall. Our team is the only one not based in Australia (though the other "players" are Australian) and all that we the players do is basically talks smack to each other, I'm just the one usually mellow in my remarks and don't cause any trouble. Back to the banners, when a player reaches a milestone, something regarding it is often featured on such banners.

Facing tunnel to locker room.

Facing field.

So now that that has been explained, note the pun of the team name, derived (presumably) from the movie The Warriors which happens to be based at Coney Island. Moving on, The play-by-play is posted in real time as the script of it is broken up into thirds per quarter and lasts about twenty to thirty minutes in total once a weekend per team. That's the basic logistics of what's going on and that I believe will have to do for now.

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