26 August 2014

The Jailbirds of Jabiru

As some of you may be aware, I am a member of the Big Footy dot com forum (an equivalent of Chris Creamer's site). One of the boards there has a league of our own fictional teams and we have to submit "expansion bids" and provide a primary option with two alternatives. I will provide the full team graphics later, but this is what became of it.

I decided to play off of local aspects. Red comes from the wedged tailed eagle, which also gives us the nickname. This eagle's home state is the Northern Territory of Australia, whose colors are orange and black. The city of Jabiru was chosen as the location given that Darwin and Alice Springs were to be likely candidates of other teams. Jabiru happens to be on the banks of the Victoria River, hence the location name. As you will eventually see, the elements of the logo include a play on the state flag of the NT.


13 August 2014

An Arsenal Classic

Had enough of the bruised banana yet for the week? Well this will be it for now. This is both one of the most loved and also most hated in all of (at least) English soccer if not the world. Personally, it would be my magnum opus of my soccer jersey collection, whether or not I liked it (which I do, by the way).

This is a little different from the actual jersey as there are only three columns of the tessellating pattern (at least it tessellates on the actual jersey). But the socks and pants match the original though no 100% perfect. Ian Wright's number 8 was chosen to model the jersey because I could not find the exact font used on the jersey. The name is only included as they are not located on the soccer jerseys themselves as is the case with the TV numbers. I'll leave the bruised banana be now.


12 August 2014

Dial Square Armory

Hi there, it's your beloved BNG creator hard at work. While things may have seem sluggish for parts of the last month, many new developments have come up and the last week saw my WSCB broadcast partner along with one of our colleagues come for a visit. Now that we're fully back on track, I am getting psyched for the next round of soccer and hockey seasons for various reasons.

Speaking of soccer, my Barclays Premier League team (Arsenal) have won this years FA Community Shield after I had attended the viewing party at Buffalo Arsenal Club's (an Arsenal America subdivision) headquarters Mes Que on Hertel Avenue. This indirectly prompted me to come up with a good name for something Arsenal related. The indirect refers to my continuing to find a cheap "Bruised Banana" jersey. "Dial Square Armory" came to mind {Woolwich Dial Square was the team's original name in 1886 when the club was located in South-east London}. I then decided it would make for a good blog title and then that aforementioned 1991-1993 jersey came up again and created the blog's background.

And voila, not yet a day old and it's been a lot of fun so far. I won't be posting as I have for this blog, but less frequently. I'm guessing two to four times a week, the two being the game preview and game recap plus any additional games within the week. That's that. I'll be back with something that needs attention based on all of this tomorrow. Stay tuned!

06 August 2014

The Two-Headed Eagle

We're days away from Arsenal's FA Community Shield match on Sunday, but let's talk about a country that shares a similar color scheme.

Albania is a tough country to work with. I don't know that even Jake could completely pull it off. My big thing is that the clash white is completely white. The small amount of texture on the sleeves and shorts aren't enough. The least that could be done is a matching chest stripe like the home uniform, which follows.
I do like that the home has some character, but it still needs some help. At least there's an A for effort.


02 August 2014

When the Blues Go Marching In

You may recall the Adelaide Crows set I did a week or so ago. Yo may be saying to yourself, this looks like the same template. While this is a very similar color scheme, it is the same template I mix 'n' matched. But this is a little more progressive than the Crows concept. That was more traditional

The striping is a tribute to the mid 90s uniforms while keeping a modern look. I know many poelp cannot stand the use of roundels, but St. Lou is one of the few exceptions. And because of my view of home white uniforms, yellow is the lightest I can get (thank you Nashville).

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