27 November 2014

A Logo's Tale

It doesn't take a lot of anything for a logo to be selected. It just needs to be nominated and the process works baseball style. The top twenty-five that are submitted by August 31 of a given year will be on the final ballot. From there, voters can select up to 10 nominees. The only difference is that there are always ten spots in except for specific ties. In the event of a tie resulting in more than ten teams, none will enter (eg: three teams tied for ninth, only eight teams enter - and so on). That said, may we introduce this years entrants!

For the very first time, an event logo has been inducted in addition to a basketball team logo as well as roller hockey and lacrosse logos. The two baseball logos are the first from Major League Baseball's American League. The Rattlers logo in addition to the ArenaBowl XXII logo are the second year from that respective sport.


22 November 2014

Intramural Quidditch, Anyone?

Years ago, just before my arrival at Springfield College, quidditch was an intramural sport. I would've had my hands full trying to referee it. We tried to get it together again my freshman year but due to lack of participation, it was foiled. I did create a uniform for a potential club team however.

We haven't sported gold in a long time, but you may have noticed I try to include it in a lot of my designs regarding the college. The big thing is that this would be all for not next year with the reported changes that are supposed to come about. But while it is still what it currently is, this would be what I would think is the uniform for this fictitious club.


P.S. - The travel ban in my town was lifted, but there are other who aren't yet as fortunate. So I am all clear to resume BNG duties.

21 November 2014

Quidditch, Anyone?

It appears that the snow in the Southtowns has (finally) stopped. There is still a travel ban in most of that area. Being directly south of the city, my town was one of the hardest hit, so it makes sense. I have been very pleased with the mayor Cuomo and his constant updates of the situation and its progress and his staying here this whole time. He just got re-elected to another term at the beginning of the month, I didn't vote for him but consider his work on this as brownie points.

The other day as I was catching up on my HJC fix, I was going through concepts, and a quidditch crossover caught my eye. I know what you're thinking - "did he say QUIDDITCH?!" Yeas, said quidditch. now I saw it but instead of asking for a template, I decided to realistically trace a template on top of the original then use just the template.

Voila! You will see it in good use tomorrow, by the way. This template will be available on the templates page for you to use! Of course the original showed where the Nimbus logo was to be placed, so I decided to leave those be. Now without further adoo, "up!"


20 November 2014

"Shame on the NFL!"

"Shame on the NFL," for trying to get the Jets at Bills game Sunday to be played in Orchard Park was the message Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said. There are several choices for this but only Two make sense Detroit and Syracuse. While Detroiit hosts an NFL team, it has hosted a neutral site game before (I don't recall who plyed, but it was within five seasons ago) and it would be good for the area to see new teams for the last time until 2018 when the Jets or the rest of the AFC East come to Ford Field (8-12 seasons pending re-approval of the scheduling grid system. But my option is the Carrier Dome as it is still Bills country and far away enough from New Jersey, the real home of the Jets (yes, I went there). So I will keep updates on this as time passes.

*-*-* 21NOV14 8:30PM EST *-*-*
The game will be held Monday night at 7PM EST in Detroit.

*-*-* 22NOV3:15PM EST *-*-*
Tickets to the game will be free.

I'll be back!


19 November 2014

Cabin Fever: Who's Got It?

Who's got it? I know I don't.  I can handle being in the same place for extended periods of time - you can thank my living on the relatively small campus of Springfield College for that. In any event, I'm still snowed in as the driveway is shoveled but the street is not plowed. My dad can't go to work (mom works from home) and classes cancelled at my college in the city (for the second day in a row). The first round of snow has passed us, but the second now is on its way. That means i have to stay and get tid of more things from the DVR and keep at least the downstairs of our house spotless for our annual Thanksgiving feast in a week. so that has been consuming much of my time in light of the storm. I'll continue to it as you continue to carry on.


18 November 2014

Sixty Four Inches

I am quite literally up to my armpits in snow when I am shoveling my driveway with my dad. My town was one of the worst hit. the record snowfall in one sitting is somewhere in Colorado from the time of the roaring twenties. This type of storm is not uncommon or a highly accumulative for Buffalo, however this has already totaled three-quarters of what we normally average per winter. In the mean time, State, county, and other officials have come to tend to our situation. All I know is that the plows did not come overnight at all. This storm unlike others we did not. I think that is why the amount of snow is such a big deal. You can only prepare so much, but patrolling neighborhoods with thruway department plows would be helpful. If I continue ranting, you won't hear the end, so I will let you enjoy your day.


17 November 2014

A Storm Approacheth

Just a heads up, my posting will likely be limited the next few days as the Western New York area is expected to be blasted with two individual rounds of snow. More details will follow in the coming days. Pleas be advised that as the snow has begun to fall, I expect the plowing situation in my neightborhood to be normally poor as we are last to be plowed given I live right behind town hall.

In more pleasant news, I am now the landlord of a property in South Buffalo. It is a four unite apartment with a storefront. Two apartments are rented out currently and the other two are to be rented. The storefront is also not currently leased out, but first requires some repairs. It has a flat roof, the storefront, but was recently double coated with the appropriate material. If things don't go well, I have plans to use the store as the official headquarters of BNG and turn it into an internet cafe.

Speaking of headquartering BNG physically, I am also planning on purchasing a bookmobile (preferrably from the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library, which I have seen go for $20-25K USD) to use as a portable sports memorabilia shop - jerseys included. But that is all just a plan for now. With luck forward.

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