20 June 2017

Tonight's the Night, Tomorrow's the Day

As has been highly anticipated, the NHL and Adidas will fully reveal the brand new uniforms for each of the thirty-one teams while the Expansion Draft will be officially finalized by tomorrow. while I intend to absorb the most up to date Adidas template in full. I put together my Vegas Golden Knights as per the rules of the expansion draft. Courtesy of our friends at Cap Friendly, you can do so too if you wanted - the hard work is done for you and you can go ahead and choose your players. You can view my compilation below.

I tried to find value buys mixed in with veterans and salary cap eaters. As it worked out, the team would have just over eight million dollars to work with for post-entry draft trades and free-agent pickups, pending potential trades of players picked up in said expansion draft. There was special consideration to balance primary atatcking positions at five per (six at left wing) with two more attackers and defensemen than the requirement. But the entry draft in and of itself could turn this team upside down in just a matter of days unlike the results of past expansion drafts. Only the short time left will tell.

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