18 June 2017

Another MBD Alt Look

Welcome back to BNG as the final installment of the Mount Buller series has arrived. I present the "Bloody Mary/Murder" jumper. Another plain set, but going on the Demons name seemed to be under thought of by the clubs previous designers. If you look closely enough at what I did to alter the logo from the original, there is red where there would have normally be blue (black). However, to drive home the point of the logo selection, I filled those negative spaces into blood and voila.

Then again, It would be ironic if the Blood Rule would come into effect. If a player is bleeding injured without visible traces other than the red part of the jumper before it becomes oxygenated substantially, would the blood rule be able to be called?  It would be an interesting scenario if it ever presented itself. I hope you have found intrigue in the new footy/basketball template if anything at all. This series was merely out of a request that turned into possibility.


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