13 June 2017

The MBD Home Look

Welcome to our continuing coverage of Mt. Buller Demons Football Club FFC. Hope everyone has been somewhat curious of the previous post regarding the MBDFFC. Since this is the first individual jumper to feature, I will provide some background into what's going on here that wasn't covered in the original.

As is understood of the club, it is one of the original two franchises left in the SFA, which established in 2001. Target and Virgin have been running gags as sponsors, to which I gave a new one in Red Bull. However, the sleeves make the jumpers look a little like gymnastics uniforms, but you don't see long sleeves for most matches in the first place so it would really be a non-issue. That sums up this one, basic. For more, keep checking in throughout the coming week for the rest of the set.

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