05 June 2017

Testing, 1, 2, 3...

Greetings sports fans! So we've seen a lot of the modified Aussie rules jumper template recently and wanted to go back to it very quickly. You may remember my initial go at it from between Thanksgiving 2015 and the beginning of last year. Well I (finally) got back to it and made alterations. The next step will be to continue fixing the socks and try adding different manufacturers collars (Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc...). In the short, I used the Arizona Coyotes as a sample for the template before I thought of adding sleeves to the template.

I took my desertscape recreation and applied it here but with rows of the alternate logo fading the closer it gets to the top of the jumper. I also wished to ad the crest from the old alternate into the desertscape to add to the back underneath where the sponsor would go as well as provide a logo above the chest sponsor on the front. The change was that you can no longer see inside the cuffs on the front view of the template. In the Mt. Buller samples, I made the shorts less baggy and had the jumper look more slim on the sides in addition to adding sleeves. The sleeves in that case also doubled to replace the socks that are still under remodeling. All in all it was a success full start to improving the template on the whole.

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