13 February 2014

Roaring Russian Rings: Part IV

We're halfway through the round robin part of the Olympics in curling. Let's see the updates.

MEN'S draw
1. Great Britain (PR: 2)
Okay, beating the US isn't exactly a pinnacle. But they did hold them to just a point through six ends, as long as the Scots can do that against the better opponents - something they haven't done yet.

2. PR China (PR: 4)
They may be the last undefeated team, but they'll be up against both Scandinavian clubs tomorrow. That in itself is a very daunting task.

3. Norway (PR: 1)
Norway lost it's first game to a very good Swedish team. This does not hurt the team, but their schedule from here on is mostly difficult.

4. Sweden (PR: 3)
Sweden is just moving right along, unfortunately it is difficult to reward them in the rankings for a job well done against the Norwegians at the moment. The top four are just that good and a little good fortune for the Chinese too.

5. Canada (PR: 5)
Canada would have moved up a spot, had it not been for a scare from Denmark. They'll need to work at Norway, Britain, and China in that order with the only US in between the latter two.

6. Denmark (PR: 5)
Had the Danes beaten Canada, they might be five. But they still played a much better game against a much better team in the Canadians.

7. Russian Feederation (PR: 8)
Moving up a spot, the hosts nosed by the Swiss, but have still a lot of ground to gain. They're still doing alright considering this is a first for the program.

8. Switzerland (PR: 6)

The Swiss have not won a game since their only win - an upset of the Canadians - in draw 2. They need to get their act together. They still at least have both Germany and the US in draws 9 and 12, respectively.

9. United States (PR: 9)
The US got taken by David Murdoch's Scots. If they don't beat the lowly Germans, John Jahr will get his first win of the tournament.

10. Germany (PR: 10)
The Deutschlanders might have their easiest draw of the competition coming, that isn't to say it will be easy. The US despite their record are playing somewhat better than they did in Vancouver.

WOMEN'S draw
1. Canada  (PR: 5)
With the way things have shaped up, the road has been paved for Canada to go 9-0 to finish the round robin. Any upset will bring them back down..

2.  Sweden (PR: 6)
Back in the top 3 this week, despite rather easy wins. China is the only real test that remains -unfortunately they're next on the schedule.

3. Great Britain (PR: 2)
Going .500 since the last ranking, both were quality matches. However, Canada was the first to scroe a three point end on Muirhead's rink.

4. PR China (PR: 5)

Having lost just their first game since the first draw and by just a point to Eve Muirhead's team, China is still in a position to make way for extra curling.

5. Switzerland (PR: 1)
Just in one day, the Mirjam Ott has gone from 3-0 to two straight losses. In their defense, it was to the Swedes and Canada.

6. Korea (PR: 7)
Korea has not played most of the powerhouses or the US. But with the US win over Japan, the Koreans might even lose out if they don't compete.

7. Japan (PR: 8)
While Japan beat the Russians, they did lose to a worse US team, they have a shot at bouncing back, but no guarantees with a tough schedule similar to Russia's.

8. Russian Federation (PR: 3)
Two losses just like Switzerland puts the host nation under fire. That's three straight losses and the bulk of their tough schedule will end round robin play in addition.

9. United States  (PR: 9)
The US can't be too disappointed with the tournament. Aside from the win, at least two of the final four matches are potentially winners to. They, like the men, play the only remaining undefeated team in their pool tomorrow.

10. Denmark (PR: 9)
Denmark is not fairing well at all. Fortunately there is a ray of hope considering they geve the Swedes a run for their money.

Sunday will be the next ranking but still after Draw 9 due to the HCI post.


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