13 October 2013

Jake88 Overdue and Logo HoF Stuff

Before we get to Jake88 and Yakball, I wish to discuss the Logo Hall of Fame . . . this year's deadline has been moved to 11:59 Pacific Time on Saturday 26 October this is in accordance with Halloween being the selection day with the induction of course on American Thanksgiving. Please go to the Halls of Fame tab and copy the nomination form into your design operating system (Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint.net, Microsoft Paint, etc . . .). Remember each logo should be on a separate form and you can submit is many as you wish. Also,  email bngraphics2012@aol.com if you would like to be a member of the selection committee -keep in mind that only a nominee with 75% or more of the votes can enter.

So Jake88 had designed these for the creator's intentions of featuring an operating team in Oulu, Finland. That didn't happen. So Jake88 felt the need to give it a go anyway. I'm not so sure I like the way the Blues striping is presented here, but I'm not the Yakball expert so I guess at least something is on it.

To start, the Chevrons make it look like a soccer uniform a little but it does fit in rather nicely. They also transition very well onto the shorts. I actually think that the dual-color uniforms look better that if they were uni-color in combination. I'm not 100% on the tan socks though . . .

As my third and final full day home draws to a close this afternoon and evening, I will be preparing ideas for future posts on the train ride home tomorrow as well as finishing a long awaited "big" project (or at least trying to).

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