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BNG Museum of Sport and Play

The Buffalo Nickel Graphics Museum of Sport and Play was created as a part of BNG's fifth anniversary festivities by  museum curator and BNG founder/owner Ricky Mazella. Artifacts submitted are a testament to the importance of play and sport in a professional or amateur setting.

T to B, L to R: Fragments from Buffalo, NY's Memorial Auditorium with reaching stick; Various curling items from 2017 Scotties Tournament of Hearts in St. Catharine's ON; Various curling items from 2017 Tim Hortons Brier in St. John's, NL


     Any jersey maybe retired at the end of that particular league's post-season, with a special induction ceremony on a date to be determined previously.

   The new method of voting will be that once a jersey nomination has been confirmed by the chairman, the selection committee will then determine the entrants based on receiving at least 75% of the vote.

   If no nominee reaches the 75% total, the leading nominee only will enter.

   In the event of a tie, if all of the nominees are below 75%, the nominees that are tied for the first position will enter for that particular year.

   In the event that an overall jersey Hall of Fame is established, inductions will always take place on January 1st of any given year and the most any jerseys in season during the induction will not be nominated.

Nomination Form

To be involved in the selection committee, please email bngraphics2012@aol.com with your contact information (name) and submit a portfolio of some of your works.
NHL 3rd Jersey Hall of Fame
Inducted jerseys courtesy of the Uniform Database.

The following has been inducted into the NHL Third Jersey Hall of Fame:

The NHL 3rd Jersey Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held the day after the if-necessary game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals

The below are also brought to you by the Uniform Database
The 2017 nominees are:

Modern (Adidas) Era:
Not Yet Eligible (beginning after 2019)

Calgary Flames 1998/99 - 1999/00*, 2003/04-2005/06
Buffalo Sabres 2000/01-2005/06
Vancouver Canucks 2001/02 - 2005/06

Ottawa Senators 2008/09 -2010/11
Florida Panthers 2009/10-2011/12
Buffalo Sabres 2010/11-2011/12

* indicates jersey became part of regular set the following season

* * * The current Tampa Bay third was to be nominated in 2012, however we were uncertain at that time if it would stay despite rumors of being replaced with a new one or permanent retirement. If it was not replaced and was used for the shortened 2012-13 season, the shoulder patches would be changed to the reflect the new primary logo. * * *

Logo Hall of Fame
Nominations due October 26 for Logo Hall of Fame
Selection: October 31
Induction: Thanksgiving Day (US), November

The top twenty-five that are submitted by August 31 of a given year will be on the final ballot. From there, voters can select up to 10 nominees. In the event of a tie resulting in more than ten teams, none will enter (eg: three teams tied for ninth, only eight teams enter - and so on). That said, may we introduce this years entrants!

Categories include: Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Script Logo, Unused Logo, Special/Commemorative* Logo, Event Logo, Cap Logo, and Contributor Logo.
* Venue Logos will fall under the "Special Logos Category."
† First year logos will be noted with an asterisk (*).
‡ Logos may also be separated by sport.

Inducted logos courtesy of Chris Creamer.

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