15 June 2017

AJHoF Induct 17

Alright friends, it’s that time of year again - the day after game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I am pleased to introduce that as previously announced, we are going to open up different wings of this hall. The first of those will be in two months. August 15 will be the induction date which means I will need the nominees in by July 20. Accepted nominees will then be eligible for three weeks to be voted upon before polls close. Now to the fun portion of the program...

Our Buffalo Nickel Graphics Alternate Jersey Hall of Fame Class of 2017 will include the following NHL uniform: the Florida Panthers navy alternate from the 1998/99 through 2002/03 seasons. This uniform then became the home uniform swapped in place of the red uniforms until the 2005/06 season where the names on the back were straightened from being arched previously (across all three uniforms). That version of that navy would last just one more season with the introduction of Reebok's new uniforms league-wide.

hat brings the AJHoF's total to 19 inductees. However, the name and logo was changed last year to reflect the introduction of uniforms from other sports. Once the August induction is announced, they will be found here and will further on be inducted as normally scheduled.

Be sure to check back on the Halls of Fame tab for updates for the Logo Hall of Fame as well as next year's AJHof nominees. We look forward to maintaining that page with this year's changes. We encourage you to contribute (as we always do) to these processes.

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